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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Unbelievable !

Readers of this blog will know that the last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster, After cashing 8th in the Merrion winter festival and winning the Sunday tournie in the Fitzwilliam I have been on a suicide poker run, busting out on amateur mistakes in three live tournies and countless online ones. I had almost used up what was left in my Party Poker and Poker stars accounts trying to play myself back into the 'zone' ( If I ever was really in it!).

In fact I have 53 cents left in Party and had only $143 left in Pokerstars. I am not looking for handouts as I have only paid 200 into party and cashed out over 10k, and on Pokerstars I had only ever put in $100.

I had just busted out of another Pokerstars tournamnent chasing a flush and was looking for the next tournament when I spotted a Double Shootout quailifier for the WPT event in the Bahamas just after christmas. With 15 mins to kick off there were only 21 runners and they were guaranteeing a seat worth $8k, hotel and $1000 if there were at least 9 runners. the only problem was the entry was 150 + 10. I waited for a few more minutes and it was still only half full. Max was 81. I thought about it and got out the old plastic and topped my account up to $300 and registered for the game.

I was quite confident as I have played a lot of STT on Party and am just over $1000 up on them so far after playing 50 at 30 & 50 buyins. I have not played many on Pokerstars but the 9 handed play with more chips and timed levels suits my type of play when I am on form which is patience, slowly building my stack and picking off shorter stacks as the game progresses.

Eventually 67 people signed up so there was only a small amount of value but I was back to my confident self. I really do think the short levels and steep blind increases at the Fitz are bad for my style of play. I am going to try the Merrion for my next few ventures into town.

It was unerring the way my chips grew steadily through the first table. I noticed early on that if you bet small the players either folded or called along with the worst of it. I made it heads up without having to come from behind and the chips were even. 6050 for me and 5950 for my opponent. In the next fifteen minutes I just gradually chipped away at his stack. My small bets winning 8 hands in a row at one point until I folded a small blind. He never raised me back and there were plenty of occasions when I would have folded. He was down to 1800 when he finally went all in against my flat call. This time the rockets held up! and I was at the final table.

This table was a lot tougher, the players seemed to know one another and most had support from the virtual rail. I quickly lost a few chips and was down to 1000 from 1500. Eventually when I was down to 750 I went all in UTG with AQ. It held up and and I was back in the game. However we were down to 6 now and I was second low stack. Soon after the most critical hand of the game occured. I had raised on the button 3 times the blind with A 10. The big blind called and the flop came J 10 2 two clubs I had the A of clubs. It was checked to me and I bet the pot with my pair of tens. The Big blind immediatley raised all in. The speed of the raise and the fact that as the short stack albeit by not much I thought he would have reraised on the flop with 10's J's or AJ. I was worried about KJ of QJ, and used over half my time bank before deciding he wouldn't take that chance so near to the prize and he wasn't that short. In the end I decided to call and he showed KQ. I few tense moments as the cards came out 6 and then a 10 to make me a set!

A few hands later I doubled up again against the most dangerous player on the table, he was playing and winning a lot of pots. Everyone seemed to be giving him a lot of respect. Any way I went back to my small raising and betting game and slowly built up to 7000 agianst 2 others both with 2500 each.

Mr Danger, I have forgotten his name already! something like askbeh, called my BB. I was holding K7 both spades. Two spades came on the flop and I called his 400 bets on the flop and turn. Another spade hit the river and he went all in. The board had not paired and there was no way I was folding second nuts after chasing it! As it was he had only 2 pair and I was heads up for an $11,000 value prize. I held a 5:1 chip lead and there was an agonising 5 minute break before we started. First hand, a small raise and his blind was mine. I felt as confident as one should with this lead and only 100 200 blinds. Next hand I picked up A9 suited, He raised me all in. Heads up with this lead I felt it was an easy call. He had J10 of hearts and although the first two cards were hearts, no more came and Bahama's here we come!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Change of approach needed...

Oh dear, how things change in a week. I feel like a footballer who has missed three open goals in row! After two good cash in's from Thursday and Sunday my game has completely gone to pot! There can be no one to blame but myself. Whether it is just over confidence or tiredness I am not sure, but I have made so many massive errors lately I think I need to take a Time Out and gather up my focus.

After making a stupid move on Monday against a player I have should have known better I managed to bust myself out of the Fitz 250 end of month within 1 round of the blinds! The only small consolation is that I went out exactly the same way as some one else on the table a few hands before, so I am not alone!

A9 hearts in the big blind, two limpers and the small blind also see a flop of 9 5 5 all black. SB checks, I bet 250, 1 caller, SB raises to 1000. He is a good player and I should have automatically put him on the 5 as he wouldn't bluff a three way pot on a board like that. Nevermind the fact that on an unraised flop he could easily have anything. Yet the poker devil raised its voice quickly in my head and decided that he was indeed bluffing. All my chips go in the middle without any hesitation. He did think for a while before calling, obviously he had the 5 but must have been worried about his kicker as was only a 7. Still good enough to bust me! Well actually it left me with one 25 chip left wich went in on my small blind. I was given a flicker of a heroic comeback when with 6 3 a 2 and 5 flopped to give me a gutshot but it was not to be!

After winning the pot the guy who crippled me said he only called because he had seen me make the same play at the weekend. I don't remember it myself, but I guess it was the right one then as I would remember losing a hand like this!

One thing I will not do is play the freeroll or STT for this again as the looseness of these games can put you in totally the wrong frame of mind for the game itself. I managed to lose a healthly stack in the freeroll calling an all in with A10 against A4. The 4 didn't even wait until the river, it was the first card on the flop. I heard the guy busted the guy on the bubble with the same hand, this time making a straight!

Business commitments will stop me playing too many live games from now until after christmas, however I shall still make my Friday home game and be playing online so anyone who has become a regular reader will still get plenty of my musings! I would like to thank all those who have made comments on the site either by comments here or elsewhere. I would recommend anyone to start up a blog like this, whilst it is nice to know people are reading, it is great to put things down and work them out of your system. Any other bloggers who read this let me know your blog address and I will post a link to it.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Having a good read can cost you ......

Pokerstars $10 rebuy.

Tonight I was feeling in much better form and it showed in my play. I worked my stack up gradually, never falling below average chips and never commiting my stack without knowing I had the best of it. through 10 levels I only had to show my hand 7 times and I had won 6 of them. The only loss to a backdoor flush, I had the sense not to bet after it was checked to me.

Whenever I had folded, my read spot on when I saw the cards at the end of a hand. Not that they were all difficult.
I had only played in about 11% of hands and most I had won without a showdown.

Four hands decided my fate in this tournament, looking back the first was the one that really cost it even though I made the right play at the time. All these hands took place within 10 deals.

1. I am one off the button and UTG has limped, I have 10 10 and make it four times the blinds to go. All fold to the BB who raises all in for a quarter of my chips and the limper proceeds to re-raise enough to make going all in my only option. It was easy enough to put him on JJ QQ or at worst AK, he had made big raise from this position with AA and KK already. I fold and BB has 88 and UTG has QQ. The flop comes 10 8 9 no help for anyone on the river and I would have more than doubled up, putting me in the top 6 chip leaders. It also would have got rid of the BB who came back to haunt me later. Not so long ago I would have wrongly fallen in love with my 10's and pushed all in without a moments hesitation.

2. Next hand I am dealt AQ and the player who has lost with Q's in the previous hand is the only caller to my 4 times the blind raise. Flop is K 9 3 and he leads out with a half pot bet. I don't put him on a King as my notes have him down as a tricky player who has checked the best hand on the flop at least twice that I have noted. Next card is an A and he quickly bets again. Again I call and when the turn is a 2 he puts me all in. It takes me no time to call and he shows Q 10. This puts me back up to 1.5x average and I am in the zone.

3. A few hands later I get AK and again am called by the same player, this time the chip leader on the table also calls. The tricky player has doubled up in between hands with KK. I must admit on this hand I was almost totally sucked in. The flop came K 6 9 rainbow. It was checked round to Mr Tricky. I thought I was wearing the fur hat! The pot was over 8000 and he bet only 600. Mr chip leader thought, using up some of his time bank and folded. Too quickly I called and I am sure he knew he had me set up and the turn just twisted the knife - an Ace. Now he led out with 2400. I still thought I was trapping at this time and happily called. River was a rag of somekind and he bet out again, this time 5400. Now I must admit I was a little worried, but after the last hand I played against him I was still pretty sure I was ahead. However, I resisted the initial urge to push it all in, figuring he could only call if I was beat. And beat I was, he had flopped a set of sixes.

4. The blinds were back in the same position as hand 1. Both players now had considerably more chips than me. They would have both been gone by now if i had still been a novice with the tens!
I picked up a pocket pairs of sixess and again raised four times the blinds. This time it was Mr pocket eights who called from the SB and Mr Tricky got out of the way. The Flop came out K 5 5 two clubs. He bets out half the pot and straight away I put him on a either a high A that missed or a flush draw. I decided here just to call and make sure the turn did not give him a flush or Ace and it was a 7 hearts that came. This time he bets the pot and I immediately put him all in figuring he would fold his draw with one to come. unfortunately he call with QJ of clubs and the 9 of clubs fell to leave me with a mighty 192 chips! As it was he had 15 outs so was only a 2:1 dog but I believe a better player would have only given himself the clubs as outs the way I played this hand - bearing in mind the only hand he had seen me lose was with two pairs.

Next hand I am all in with AJ and when the flop came J 7 2 I almost believed a come back like last Thursday's Merrion event was on. It was not to be as an 8 came on the turn to give Mr tricky a straight with his 9 10 !

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Too many monsters

Pokerstars $50 NL tonight.

Too tired after the exploits at the weekend, 3 late poker mornings split with a session in the pub on saturday night and I decided to stay in and have a game online whilst watching the footie.

I have never seen such a run of cards a short space of time, pity they didn't all hold up or I would be still playing with a massive chip lead!

I played about 3 hands in the first 3 levels and was down to about 1100 chips when I picked up The Monster, 1 raiser, then an all in, I call raiser folds and the Aces hold up to triple me up.
KK two hands later and I am now in the top ten with 80 left out of 275.

Next hand AK hearts call an all in, small pair, back down again.

Two levels later AA again, raiser,caller, I go all in both fold - always happy to take the chips without a race.

Next hand KK, raise 3 times the blinds from mid position, all fold.

AK next hand, call in all in, pocket 8's makes trips back down to 3500.

Two more hands later AK again ! raise 800, 1 caller from SB. Flop comes Q 10 2 two clubs, I have none. checked. turn is J hearts. Put all in. Call. 10 10 river is another J and it's all over!

Time to take a break !

Down to the Fitz tonight for a crack at the 100 game and after the good run at the weekend I was full of confidence. Too much as it happens as my focus was well off!

I won a few hands straight off and was not in a dangerous position chipwise when I picked up QJ hearts in late positon. Blinds were only 50/100 and I still had 4500 chips. I raised to 400 and would have been happy to just take the blinds. Paddy Hicks was in the big blind and called. The danger signs should have been clear to me there as the flop was 10 high with two hearts. Anyone who has played with Paddy would know (as should have I) that it was odds on he had hit a small set. He bet 1000 and all of a sudden I found myself raising all in with my flush draw ( not even the nut flush ! ). Of course he calls in a shot and I find myself down to 600 chips as the turn and river came QQ giving him a house and me a set just to rub it in!

I managed a couple of double ups with J10 and A6 before my luck ran out and my lucky hand from last night A7 failed to beat K10.

As a few of my friends from the Friday home game I decided to stick around and play a cash game whilst seeing how they got on.

I managed to blow my first 150 chasing in omaha, then managed to build the next 150 upto 600 when I flopped top set twice and they held up. I should have called it a day then, but the Euro signs started flashing in my tired eyes and I decided to stay to see if I could double up again as the table was quite loose.

After folding a few long shots that came in I went on the chase again and ended up losing all my chips in two hands. Omaha is a crazy game and a great deal of patience and bankroll is required to be a success. Unfortunately, my patience was running short and I also gave myself the kiss of death when a chinese guy who I had lost a large amount to when drunk sat down to my left.

"i'm sober tonight so you won't get all my chips " I said.

Well the gods of fate and sod's law were listening as first the board paired on the turn to give him a better two pair than me in a 4 way 800 euro pot, I debated calling after the turn but I had a feeling I was ahead. I wish I put someone on a set, as it was very deflating to find out I was up against 2 with smaller 2 pairs and the guy to my left with KK in his hand.

Next I found myself chasing a flush which hit only to be beat with quad nines by the same guy!

Moral: Be careful what you say as it may come back to haunt you - even if it is in jest.

Still I am still well up for the week and the atsmosphere in the cash game tonight was almost worth the 300 loss !

Congrats must also go to Kev from the Friday game who made it into the money in the Merrion on Sunday without topping up or rebuying.

Commiserations to Declan who on top of no places this weekend managed to wreck his favourite shoes climbing over the barriers for the marathon as we went to Burger King for refreshments before Sundays game!

I myself will be recharging the poker batteries and will maybe present at the Fitz on Thursday for a shot at the big one.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Two outa three ain't bad

Lets get rebuy crazy!
I played 3 events this weekend. The first was the €300 in the Merrion, as mentioned in previous post I managed to cash 8th withoout rebuying in my first ranking event. It was great experience and nice to see my name on the Poker in Europe and Hendon mob websites. Even though they got my name wrong on both - Muit Lacey on PIE and Mike Cacey on the mobs! One has been corrected hopefully the other will too.

Full of confidence I went back to the Merrion last night to play in the €150 rebuy. In the short time I was there I saw more rebuys than in the free game in the Fitz. It seemed if you wanted to play a pot it was for all of your chips. I played the game and rebought a couple of times before calling time when my AK never improved against JJ. So €465 of my winnings gone in less than an hour.

As the night was still young I went around the corner and blew another 50 on Blackjack before sitting down to play the €20 rebuy. Eventually 65 players rebought enough for a pot of €4280. I make that an average of 2 rebuys each which was how many I had. It was the first time I had played this event and I found the rebuy structure quite strange. 1000 for the 1st 1500 for the second and the 2500 for the 3rd or your top up.

I found myself with just over 10000 after the rebuys finished, key hand when KK held up against 2 other players. Not long after this I got lucky for the only time in the night. I held A7 suited with a flop of A 5 Q and I was up against the chip leader and there was a small pre flop raise. He bet 2500 in to me and I called. The turn was a 9 I think and he bet another 5500. For some reason I put him on a bluff and put my last 8000 into the pot and was horrified to see him turn over A 5 for 2 pair. The gods were with me however and a 7 came on the river to double me up!

I was moved upstairs after this and used my chip position to bully my way up to 30000 chips.

I was moved back down stairs and soon we were down to 2 tables. After winning and losing a few medium size pots I was down to 19000 by the time the final table came. This put me about 7th out of 9. Soon into the table I was raised all in holding the Pocket Rockets and they held up against KQ suited. This gave me a nice stack to play with and some more aggressive pre folp raising saw me up to 50000 and not far off the lead. A few more players were knocked out and down to four I called with K3 of diamonds and the flop came 6 3 3 two clubs. A guy I had seen bet heavily on flush draws went in for over 40000. Luckily for me he was not flushing as I called and another club came, but my trips held up against his two pair. Down to 3 I picked up the Rockets again and called an all in from Paddy Maher who had pocket nines. The Aces did not hold up for me this time as a 9 came on the turn and I was back down to 70000.

A few hands later Paddy knocked out the other guy and we were heads up with him having a 3:1 chip lead. The prize fund was 1500 for 1st and 800 for second. I went all in first hand with Q9 and Paddy obliged with 78 suited.My cards held up and even in chips we decided to tak 1100 each leaving a ton for the dealers.

Overall not a bad weekends work even if I do say so myself. I feel my live game is really coming along now, although in both events I did need a couple of strokes of luck to find the money. I also made some great reads to lay down strong hands which were beaten to stay in both events.

Hopefully more success will be reported from the Fitz 100 game tomorrow!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

My first ever live tournament

This article was written just after playing in my first Live tournament earlier in the year. I had submitted it to Poker pages when bored at work. I never expected it to be published on the site, I had in fact completely forgotten I had written it until today when I was looking through the writers archive. I only read the article because the guy had the same name as me!

Anyway here it is in full:

Where experience counts By Mike Lacey
3 Months into my poker career I decided to enter my first real live tournament. So far my experience has been limited to online play where I have won a few small tournies and am up about $500 since in started (this would be double that if I could avoid the temptation of the cash games in between tournies!). I have also been invited to a few home games all of which I have left with more money than I went in with. I feel I have picked up on the game quickly but I have no doubt I have a long way to go before I can call myself a good player.
The tournament I entered was a $250 freezeout at the Fitzwilliam card club in Dublin and I was one of 69 entrants looking for a first prize of $7500.
Having paid up I took my seat. Blinds started at 25/50 and with 5000 starting chips my initial game plan was the same as my online one. See as many cheap flops early on and bet when I made a small match and check raise on a biggie. I was on the button for the first hand with KQ off suit and put in a raise of 75 with a hundred chip without anouncing raise. I was called on this error, but the was allowed bet to stand. Both blinds folded and I won my first ever live tournie pot! However now everyone knew I was inexperienced and every time I bet someone raised and everytime I called the flopped missed me completely and I felt a bluff would be automatically called.
Having lost $1500 very quickly without a showdown I started to tighten up and didnt get involved in any of the next dozen or so hands until it came to my unraised big blind, in which I find myself looking at K6 of hearts. I checked one caller and the small blind and the flop came 3 hearts. I check after the small blind checks and the other caller immediatley goes all in for about 1500. I almost have my chips in before him and he turned over Qx of hearts.Result. I was back to just over starting chips and my confidence was boosted ten-fold.
I was getting no cards and most hands were being raised pre-flop by a couple of aggressive players. The next pot I played was with AK offsuit picked up in the big blind again. The only caller was a player whom from the table talk I learned had won the last big competition so I was a little wary to raise. I had also seen him milk a pot when he had flopped trip hooks earlier. A 10 2 was the flop so I put out a $500 test bet which after some thought had been called. The turn was 6 of clubs giving two clubs and two spades on the board. I put him on an Ace with a lower kicker or a flush draw so I bet another 1000 then realised straight away this would not a big enough bet to get him off the hand and almost expected a raise from him as he had plenty more chips than me, he only called. The river was 8 of hearts so I knew he had missed any draw so I put out another 1000 and he called with K J and I scooped another pot. My read on his hand was wrong but my intution he was on a draw! was spot on so my confidence grew yet again.
The blinds were starting to get larger and I was still getting no cards, however my confidence was starting to grow. The player to my left was only going to call the increased number of all in bets with AK or better. I started making some all in moves myself with any hands with a King or Ace just to pick up a few blinds and nobody called.
I was just getting by the blinds and by now they had gone up to 400/800 and I was still sitting on around my starting chips so I was desperate for a hand to double up. I picked up AJ under the gun and thought it's now or never, I raised all in and all folded around to one of the few people I knew before the tournament started. He had not heard or seen me go all in and he announced all in himself. I thought I was going to go into the flop behind as every time he had anounced all in before he had shown AA or KK. My heart skipped a beat and the he turned over AJ.No flush came so I lived again!
Down to the last 20 I picked up JJ and small stack went all in and was called by one of the big stacks on the table. I thought for a few seconds and called myself hoping they only had Ax giving me 50/50 for almost tripling up. I was facing AK and A 10 and the flop came A J 5 nothing on the turn or river and I had made the last 18 with 10000 chips left.
People were falling fast and I was still getting no cards and my blinds were getting raised and I was getting ready to have to chance all on a marginal hand when I picked up pocket kings and managed to double up against pocket 9Ts. The blinds got to 2000/4000 and I had 10000 left going into my big blind with JQ and there was only 11 people left and 10 got paid. There was one caller and on the table next to us I heard that someone else was all in. My hand was checked down until 8 8 2 5 J was on the board. I put all my chips bar 1000 into the pot thinking he had nothing but might call anyway. He raised me my last l000 chips and thinking my queen kicker was best I called. He told me I had won and showed me his jack, I thought for a moment I had and the when I asked for his kicker he turned over a King and I was gutted. The other all in on the other table had resulted in another player being knocked out and as he had more chips than me I was the man out on the bubble in my first ever live tournament!
The experience was great and I will be back back a little more experienced and if the same situation arises I will just check the hand away unless of course I have the nuts! 11th out of 69 is not bad for a first go against some top players including a few pros. If I can improve by 10% each game then I will be winning soon!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Climb aboard the Merrion rollercoater !

Went along to the Merrion last night to enter the €300 mutli rebuy NL holdem event.

My expectations were not that high, although the slow early blind structure does suit my style of play. The place was full of Pro's who are in town for the EPT event.

Got talking to Mike Magee in the line for registration and he seems like a really genuine guy. He started on my table but couldn't get anything going and was out quite early. Ken Doherty the snooker player was also at my table, I didn't recognise him straight away. He always seemed to be beaten just on every hand he played and he was the first player I busted in the event.

I got some good cards early on and had soon doubled then tripled my chips up to over 9000 from the starting 3000. The blind structure was very slowly early on and allowed for a lot of post flop play. Something the fitz might sort out for the end of month competition. The first level was 25/25 and the clock was 30 mins throughout. Although by the time the final table was reached it had become a bit of a crapshoot.

166 players started the event and by the time half were gone I had roughly average chips. I took a big loss when I made a Queen high flush on the turn, I bet 4000 and was called by a guy with 2 pair who hit a full house on the river. He tried to trap me by checking the river, but a smelt a rat and kept my last remaining 2000 chips for a better spot.

The better spot was a few hands later when I was dealt J 8 offsuit in middle position and went all in. I took the view that I would at least have two live cards if called and an 8 hit me to double up. As this was obviously such a good plan I went in again with 10 5, suited this time. 5 on ther river ensured a roasted an A Q ! Next hand, all in with jacks and Q 10 called and lost. In the space of 5 minutes I was up to 15000+ and back in average position again.

I worked this stack up to over 20k, before getting over ambitios with 77 in a three way all in before the flop against AK and K 10. The K 10 made a flush on the river else the sevens would have stood up. Back down to 1850.

Next hand Rory Liffey who had a huge stack at this tme raised under the gun and I called all in with AJ suited and with another caller tripled up when an ace hit the board. KK and AK followed and I was now in healthy position with over 30k after rerasing Rory a couple of times and forcing him him off hands.

I managed to keep my stack in shape for the next while, stealing enough blinds which were starting to get quite large. By the time there was 19 left I had 19,000. I was determined not to go out on the bubble, but by now I was starting to become one of the low stacks. I had Gary Bush to my left and he had just a couple of thousand more than me and when all folded to him he raised all in on my big blind. I was holding AQ suited which has been the death of me so many times recently. I hesitated for a while before calling and was relieved to see he had KJ. A Queen hit and a couple of hands later he was gone and I had made the money for the second time in my second event at the Merrion. Both up against strong fields. Also playing in this tournie were :

Scott Grey ( very nice guy )
Liam Flood
Jac Arama
Lucy Rokach (split last Merrion event i entered with her)
Padraig Parkinson
Kevin O'connell

I managed to get to the final table after small pairs held up with just over 100,000 chips out of 912,000. The chips were relative evenly spread at this point and the blinds were 4000,8000 with 1000 ante. It became a bit of an all in fest and I realised I was going to have to make a move if I was to get to the real money. 1st was €34k, 2nd €17k and third about €8.5.

After folding a lot of Ax hands to all in raises I picked up JJ and re raised allin against a 35k raise. I had a feeling he had a small pocket pair and would fold to this as he had plenty of chips left. Unfortunatley for me the Big Blind (also chip leader) had come into the Pocket Rockets and my luck ran out and I left with €2275 for 8th place.

I was a bit gutted to get so close to a big score, but over all I had my share of breaks and didn't make many mistakes along the way. It was a thoroughly enjyable evening and I would like to thank Thomas Kremser and all the Merrion staff for running a great tournament.

Also many thanks to all the previously mentioned names who were all happy to talk and give advice to the inexperienced players.

Be interesting to see who eventually won as I had to leave to get back for work! I am sure a deal would have been done at the last 4 or 5 with so much for at stake and the luck factor with the big blinds.

From now on 10 5 is the new AA as as well as double up with this hand, It was also the hand I knocked Jac 'Ram Ya' arama out with !

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Self Destruction

Recently I find myself pushing my own Self Destruct button for no particular reason.
At my regular home game I was down to the last 3 out of 18 players and in the chip lead.
Blinds at 1000,2000 with over 60,000 chips out of 144,000.
I raise 8,000 from the small blind with AQ and am called by the BB who has about 55,000 chips.
Flop comes 2 4 6 rainbow.
What do I do?
I make an all in move to take the pot !
Now it was 4 in the morning and I have an hours drive home and start work at 9am.
I knew I was the best player left and I had been playing solid poker all night.
Why couldn't I wait for a better spot?
He called with A6 and no Q came to my rescue - not that I deserved it!
A few hands later I moved in with a pocket pair and was called with overcards and lost the race.
I still turned my €50 into €200 but feel I should have been a tad more patient and at least gone out to a bad beat.....

A couple of nights later on Party Poker I had made it down to the last 50 in a $20 tournie with over 1300 runners and had slightly above average chips. I had worked hard for these chips, I had never gone all in before the flop and not put a bad beat on anyone.
Again it had come to 4 in the morning.
Again I picked up AQ. This time in mid position.
UTG raises 8500. blinds 1000,2000 at this stage. He has just joined our table. He has only slightly less chips than me.
What happens?
I put all my chips in with a stupid and unneccesary re-raise and he calls with AK. Fair play to him.
$80 profit for 4 hours work doesn't seem great for me, especially when first prize was $6k for $20 fee.

Last night similar tournie, this time I had not got quite as far - only 3 in the morning and about 200 left out of 1400.
Still had average chips and again p[laying a solid game without putting all my chips in unneccesarily.
What happens....
I am in SB. All fold to button who raises twice the blind. What do I do with my K 9 Suited ? I pushed all in on what my possessed brain thought was a re-steal.
BB re-raises all in with AA and I am history!

I am now convinced that between 3 & 4 in the morning i am possessed by the evil and sinister Demon of poker self destruction. I have an appointment with local priest and will report back when fully exorcised.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Why ?

Too much free time at work during quite days, I find myself trawling through The Hendon mob, poker forums and various other blogs suchs The Camels and Paul Phillips - Very sad I know ! I decided that it was time to start my own, if only for to give myself something else to do.

I often find myself joining cash games online in these spells and can end up losing money due to the fact I never pick up a hand until someone comes into my shop!

My Poker History

I picked up the poker bug myself back in April this year, starting online with VC and Ladbrokes.
Within a week I had won my first small tournie and was hooked. I then started playing in a regular Friday night home game and have developed into a reasonable player.

Profit wise I am up both online and live, mainly due to a €4000 win in the Merrion in a satellite for the WPC and a $11,000 win on Party Poker - again a satellite comp, the software crashed with 3 players left and they paid out cash based on chip position rather than a seat in a land based tournie!

I have given up on VC- mainly because of their software faults and too many low entry fee tournies. I stopped playing on Laddies after cashing out my initial deposit after a small win and throwing the rest way in the cash games there!

Mostly I play on Party Poker, making a small profit on the Sit 'n' Go's to fund entries in the MTT's looking for those elusive Big Score's! I don't have the patience or discipline to sit in the cash games for hours, although recently I have been dipping into the capped NL tables with a small degree of success.

This week I intend to visit the scene of my only Land based success - The Merrion in Dublin and enter the small tournies in their winter festival, hopefully cashing to get a ticket for the EPT event on Saturday.