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Friday, October 29, 2004

Change of approach needed...

Oh dear, how things change in a week. I feel like a footballer who has missed three open goals in row! After two good cash in's from Thursday and Sunday my game has completely gone to pot! There can be no one to blame but myself. Whether it is just over confidence or tiredness I am not sure, but I have made so many massive errors lately I think I need to take a Time Out and gather up my focus.

After making a stupid move on Monday against a player I have should have known better I managed to bust myself out of the Fitz 250 end of month within 1 round of the blinds! The only small consolation is that I went out exactly the same way as some one else on the table a few hands before, so I am not alone!

A9 hearts in the big blind, two limpers and the small blind also see a flop of 9 5 5 all black. SB checks, I bet 250, 1 caller, SB raises to 1000. He is a good player and I should have automatically put him on the 5 as he wouldn't bluff a three way pot on a board like that. Nevermind the fact that on an unraised flop he could easily have anything. Yet the poker devil raised its voice quickly in my head and decided that he was indeed bluffing. All my chips go in the middle without any hesitation. He did think for a while before calling, obviously he had the 5 but must have been worried about his kicker as was only a 7. Still good enough to bust me! Well actually it left me with one 25 chip left wich went in on my small blind. I was given a flicker of a heroic comeback when with 6 3 a 2 and 5 flopped to give me a gutshot but it was not to be!

After winning the pot the guy who crippled me said he only called because he had seen me make the same play at the weekend. I don't remember it myself, but I guess it was the right one then as I would remember losing a hand like this!

One thing I will not do is play the freeroll or STT for this again as the looseness of these games can put you in totally the wrong frame of mind for the game itself. I managed to lose a healthly stack in the freeroll calling an all in with A10 against A4. The 4 didn't even wait until the river, it was the first card on the flop. I heard the guy busted the guy on the bubble with the same hand, this time making a straight!

Business commitments will stop me playing too many live games from now until after christmas, however I shall still make my Friday home game and be playing online so anyone who has become a regular reader will still get plenty of my musings! I would like to thank all those who have made comments on the site either by comments here or elsewhere. I would recommend anyone to start up a blog like this, whilst it is nice to know people are reading, it is great to put things down and work them out of your system. Any other bloggers who read this let me know your blog address and I will post a link to it.