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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Having a good read can cost you ......

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Tonight I was feeling in much better form and it showed in my play. I worked my stack up gradually, never falling below average chips and never commiting my stack without knowing I had the best of it. through 10 levels I only had to show my hand 7 times and I had won 6 of them. The only loss to a backdoor flush, I had the sense not to bet after it was checked to me.

Whenever I had folded, my read spot on when I saw the cards at the end of a hand. Not that they were all difficult.
I had only played in about 11% of hands and most I had won without a showdown.

Four hands decided my fate in this tournament, looking back the first was the one that really cost it even though I made the right play at the time. All these hands took place within 10 deals.

1. I am one off the button and UTG has limped, I have 10 10 and make it four times the blinds to go. All fold to the BB who raises all in for a quarter of my chips and the limper proceeds to re-raise enough to make going all in my only option. It was easy enough to put him on JJ QQ or at worst AK, he had made big raise from this position with AA and KK already. I fold and BB has 88 and UTG has QQ. The flop comes 10 8 9 no help for anyone on the river and I would have more than doubled up, putting me in the top 6 chip leaders. It also would have got rid of the BB who came back to haunt me later. Not so long ago I would have wrongly fallen in love with my 10's and pushed all in without a moments hesitation.

2. Next hand I am dealt AQ and the player who has lost with Q's in the previous hand is the only caller to my 4 times the blind raise. Flop is K 9 3 and he leads out with a half pot bet. I don't put him on a King as my notes have him down as a tricky player who has checked the best hand on the flop at least twice that I have noted. Next card is an A and he quickly bets again. Again I call and when the turn is a 2 he puts me all in. It takes me no time to call and he shows Q 10. This puts me back up to 1.5x average and I am in the zone.

3. A few hands later I get AK and again am called by the same player, this time the chip leader on the table also calls. The tricky player has doubled up in between hands with KK. I must admit on this hand I was almost totally sucked in. The flop came K 6 9 rainbow. It was checked round to Mr Tricky. I thought I was wearing the fur hat! The pot was over 8000 and he bet only 600. Mr chip leader thought, using up some of his time bank and folded. Too quickly I called and I am sure he knew he had me set up and the turn just twisted the knife - an Ace. Now he led out with 2400. I still thought I was trapping at this time and happily called. River was a rag of somekind and he bet out again, this time 5400. Now I must admit I was a little worried, but after the last hand I played against him I was still pretty sure I was ahead. However, I resisted the initial urge to push it all in, figuring he could only call if I was beat. And beat I was, he had flopped a set of sixes.

4. The blinds were back in the same position as hand 1. Both players now had considerably more chips than me. They would have both been gone by now if i had still been a novice with the tens!
I picked up a pocket pairs of sixess and again raised four times the blinds. This time it was Mr pocket eights who called from the SB and Mr Tricky got out of the way. The Flop came out K 5 5 two clubs. He bets out half the pot and straight away I put him on a either a high A that missed or a flush draw. I decided here just to call and make sure the turn did not give him a flush or Ace and it was a 7 hearts that came. This time he bets the pot and I immediately put him all in figuring he would fold his draw with one to come. unfortunately he call with QJ of clubs and the 9 of clubs fell to leave me with a mighty 192 chips! As it was he had 15 outs so was only a 2:1 dog but I believe a better player would have only given himself the clubs as outs the way I played this hand - bearing in mind the only hand he had seen me lose was with two pairs.

Next hand I am all in with AJ and when the flop came J 7 2 I almost believed a come back like last Thursday's Merrion event was on. It was not to be as an 8 came on the turn to give Mr tricky a straight with his 9 10 !