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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Self Destruction

Recently I find myself pushing my own Self Destruct button for no particular reason.
At my regular home game I was down to the last 3 out of 18 players and in the chip lead.
Blinds at 1000,2000 with over 60,000 chips out of 144,000.
I raise 8,000 from the small blind with AQ and am called by the BB who has about 55,000 chips.
Flop comes 2 4 6 rainbow.
What do I do?
I make an all in move to take the pot !
Now it was 4 in the morning and I have an hours drive home and start work at 9am.
I knew I was the best player left and I had been playing solid poker all night.
Why couldn't I wait for a better spot?
He called with A6 and no Q came to my rescue - not that I deserved it!
A few hands later I moved in with a pocket pair and was called with overcards and lost the race.
I still turned my €50 into €200 but feel I should have been a tad more patient and at least gone out to a bad beat.....

A couple of nights later on Party Poker I had made it down to the last 50 in a $20 tournie with over 1300 runners and had slightly above average chips. I had worked hard for these chips, I had never gone all in before the flop and not put a bad beat on anyone.
Again it had come to 4 in the morning.
Again I picked up AQ. This time in mid position.
UTG raises 8500. blinds 1000,2000 at this stage. He has just joined our table. He has only slightly less chips than me.
What happens?
I put all my chips in with a stupid and unneccesary re-raise and he calls with AK. Fair play to him.
$80 profit for 4 hours work doesn't seem great for me, especially when first prize was $6k for $20 fee.

Last night similar tournie, this time I had not got quite as far - only 3 in the morning and about 200 left out of 1400.
Still had average chips and again p[laying a solid game without putting all my chips in unneccesarily.
What happens....
I am in SB. All fold to button who raises twice the blind. What do I do with my K 9 Suited ? I pushed all in on what my possessed brain thought was a re-steal.
BB re-raises all in with AA and I am history!

I am now convinced that between 3 & 4 in the morning i am possessed by the evil and sinister Demon of poker self destruction. I have an appointment with local priest and will report back when fully exorcised.