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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Time to take a break !

Down to the Fitz tonight for a crack at the 100 game and after the good run at the weekend I was full of confidence. Too much as it happens as my focus was well off!

I won a few hands straight off and was not in a dangerous position chipwise when I picked up QJ hearts in late positon. Blinds were only 50/100 and I still had 4500 chips. I raised to 400 and would have been happy to just take the blinds. Paddy Hicks was in the big blind and called. The danger signs should have been clear to me there as the flop was 10 high with two hearts. Anyone who has played with Paddy would know (as should have I) that it was odds on he had hit a small set. He bet 1000 and all of a sudden I found myself raising all in with my flush draw ( not even the nut flush ! ). Of course he calls in a shot and I find myself down to 600 chips as the turn and river came QQ giving him a house and me a set just to rub it in!

I managed a couple of double ups with J10 and A6 before my luck ran out and my lucky hand from last night A7 failed to beat K10.

As a few of my friends from the Friday home game I decided to stick around and play a cash game whilst seeing how they got on.

I managed to blow my first 150 chasing in omaha, then managed to build the next 150 upto 600 when I flopped top set twice and they held up. I should have called it a day then, but the Euro signs started flashing in my tired eyes and I decided to stay to see if I could double up again as the table was quite loose.

After folding a few long shots that came in I went on the chase again and ended up losing all my chips in two hands. Omaha is a crazy game and a great deal of patience and bankroll is required to be a success. Unfortunately, my patience was running short and I also gave myself the kiss of death when a chinese guy who I had lost a large amount to when drunk sat down to my left.

"i'm sober tonight so you won't get all my chips " I said.

Well the gods of fate and sod's law were listening as first the board paired on the turn to give him a better two pair than me in a 4 way 800 euro pot, I debated calling after the turn but I had a feeling I was ahead. I wish I put someone on a set, as it was very deflating to find out I was up against 2 with smaller 2 pairs and the guy to my left with KK in his hand.

Next I found myself chasing a flush which hit only to be beat with quad nines by the same guy!

Moral: Be careful what you say as it may come back to haunt you - even if it is in jest.

Still I am still well up for the week and the atsmosphere in the cash game tonight was almost worth the 300 loss !

Congrats must also go to Kev from the Friday game who made it into the money in the Merrion on Sunday without topping up or rebuying.

Commiserations to Declan who on top of no places this weekend managed to wreck his favourite shoes climbing over the barriers for the marathon as we went to Burger King for refreshments before Sundays game!

I myself will be recharging the poker batteries and will maybe present at the Fitz on Thursday for a shot at the big one.