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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Too many monsters

Pokerstars $50 NL tonight.

Too tired after the exploits at the weekend, 3 late poker mornings split with a session in the pub on saturday night and I decided to stay in and have a game online whilst watching the footie.

I have never seen such a run of cards a short space of time, pity they didn't all hold up or I would be still playing with a massive chip lead!

I played about 3 hands in the first 3 levels and was down to about 1100 chips when I picked up The Monster, 1 raiser, then an all in, I call raiser folds and the Aces hold up to triple me up.
KK two hands later and I am now in the top ten with 80 left out of 275.

Next hand AK hearts call an all in, small pair, back down again.

Two levels later AA again, raiser,caller, I go all in both fold - always happy to take the chips without a race.

Next hand KK, raise 3 times the blinds from mid position, all fold.

AK next hand, call in all in, pocket 8's makes trips back down to 3500.

Two more hands later AK again ! raise 800, 1 caller from SB. Flop comes Q 10 2 two clubs, I have none. checked. turn is J hearts. Put all in. Call. 10 10 river is another J and it's all over!