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Monday, October 25, 2004

Two outa three ain't bad

Lets get rebuy crazy!
I played 3 events this weekend. The first was the €300 in the Merrion, as mentioned in previous post I managed to cash 8th withoout rebuying in my first ranking event. It was great experience and nice to see my name on the Poker in Europe and Hendon mob websites. Even though they got my name wrong on both - Muit Lacey on PIE and Mike Cacey on the mobs! One has been corrected hopefully the other will too.

Full of confidence I went back to the Merrion last night to play in the €150 rebuy. In the short time I was there I saw more rebuys than in the free game in the Fitz. It seemed if you wanted to play a pot it was for all of your chips. I played the game and rebought a couple of times before calling time when my AK never improved against JJ. So €465 of my winnings gone in less than an hour.

As the night was still young I went around the corner and blew another 50 on Blackjack before sitting down to play the €20 rebuy. Eventually 65 players rebought enough for a pot of €4280. I make that an average of 2 rebuys each which was how many I had. It was the first time I had played this event and I found the rebuy structure quite strange. 1000 for the 1st 1500 for the second and the 2500 for the 3rd or your top up.

I found myself with just over 10000 after the rebuys finished, key hand when KK held up against 2 other players. Not long after this I got lucky for the only time in the night. I held A7 suited with a flop of A 5 Q and I was up against the chip leader and there was a small pre flop raise. He bet 2500 in to me and I called. The turn was a 9 I think and he bet another 5500. For some reason I put him on a bluff and put my last 8000 into the pot and was horrified to see him turn over A 5 for 2 pair. The gods were with me however and a 7 came on the river to double me up!

I was moved upstairs after this and used my chip position to bully my way up to 30000 chips.

I was moved back down stairs and soon we were down to 2 tables. After winning and losing a few medium size pots I was down to 19000 by the time the final table came. This put me about 7th out of 9. Soon into the table I was raised all in holding the Pocket Rockets and they held up against KQ suited. This gave me a nice stack to play with and some more aggressive pre folp raising saw me up to 50000 and not far off the lead. A few more players were knocked out and down to four I called with K3 of diamonds and the flop came 6 3 3 two clubs. A guy I had seen bet heavily on flush draws went in for over 40000. Luckily for me he was not flushing as I called and another club came, but my trips held up against his two pair. Down to 3 I picked up the Rockets again and called an all in from Paddy Maher who had pocket nines. The Aces did not hold up for me this time as a 9 came on the turn and I was back down to 70000.

A few hands later Paddy knocked out the other guy and we were heads up with him having a 3:1 chip lead. The prize fund was 1500 for 1st and 800 for second. I went all in first hand with Q9 and Paddy obliged with 78 suited.My cards held up and even in chips we decided to tak 1100 each leaving a ton for the dealers.

Overall not a bad weekends work even if I do say so myself. I feel my live game is really coming along now, although in both events I did need a couple of strokes of luck to find the money. I also made some great reads to lay down strong hands which were beaten to stay in both events.

Hopefully more success will be reported from the Fitz 100 game tomorrow!