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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Unbelievable !

Readers of this blog will know that the last week has been a bit of a rollercoaster, After cashing 8th in the Merrion winter festival and winning the Sunday tournie in the Fitzwilliam I have been on a suicide poker run, busting out on amateur mistakes in three live tournies and countless online ones. I had almost used up what was left in my Party Poker and Poker stars accounts trying to play myself back into the 'zone' ( If I ever was really in it!).

In fact I have 53 cents left in Party and had only $143 left in Pokerstars. I am not looking for handouts as I have only paid 200 into party and cashed out over 10k, and on Pokerstars I had only ever put in $100.

I had just busted out of another Pokerstars tournamnent chasing a flush and was looking for the next tournament when I spotted a Double Shootout quailifier for the WPT event in the Bahamas just after christmas. With 15 mins to kick off there were only 21 runners and they were guaranteeing a seat worth $8k, hotel and $1000 if there were at least 9 runners. the only problem was the entry was 150 + 10. I waited for a few more minutes and it was still only half full. Max was 81. I thought about it and got out the old plastic and topped my account up to $300 and registered for the game.

I was quite confident as I have played a lot of STT on Party and am just over $1000 up on them so far after playing 50 at 30 & 50 buyins. I have not played many on Pokerstars but the 9 handed play with more chips and timed levels suits my type of play when I am on form which is patience, slowly building my stack and picking off shorter stacks as the game progresses.

Eventually 67 people signed up so there was only a small amount of value but I was back to my confident self. I really do think the short levels and steep blind increases at the Fitz are bad for my style of play. I am going to try the Merrion for my next few ventures into town.

It was unerring the way my chips grew steadily through the first table. I noticed early on that if you bet small the players either folded or called along with the worst of it. I made it heads up without having to come from behind and the chips were even. 6050 for me and 5950 for my opponent. In the next fifteen minutes I just gradually chipped away at his stack. My small bets winning 8 hands in a row at one point until I folded a small blind. He never raised me back and there were plenty of occasions when I would have folded. He was down to 1800 when he finally went all in against my flat call. This time the rockets held up! and I was at the final table.

This table was a lot tougher, the players seemed to know one another and most had support from the virtual rail. I quickly lost a few chips and was down to 1000 from 1500. Eventually when I was down to 750 I went all in UTG with AQ. It held up and and I was back in the game. However we were down to 6 now and I was second low stack. Soon after the most critical hand of the game occured. I had raised on the button 3 times the blind with A 10. The big blind called and the flop came J 10 2 two clubs I had the A of clubs. It was checked to me and I bet the pot with my pair of tens. The Big blind immediatley raised all in. The speed of the raise and the fact that as the short stack albeit by not much I thought he would have reraised on the flop with 10's J's or AJ. I was worried about KJ of QJ, and used over half my time bank before deciding he wouldn't take that chance so near to the prize and he wasn't that short. In the end I decided to call and he showed KQ. I few tense moments as the cards came out 6 and then a 10 to make me a set!

A few hands later I doubled up again against the most dangerous player on the table, he was playing and winning a lot of pots. Everyone seemed to be giving him a lot of respect. Any way I went back to my small raising and betting game and slowly built up to 7000 agianst 2 others both with 2500 each.

Mr Danger, I have forgotten his name already! something like askbeh, called my BB. I was holding K7 both spades. Two spades came on the flop and I called his 400 bets on the flop and turn. Another spade hit the river and he went all in. The board had not paired and there was no way I was folding second nuts after chasing it! As it was he had only 2 pair and I was heads up for an $11,000 value prize. I held a 5:1 chip lead and there was an agonising 5 minute break before we started. First hand, a small raise and his blind was mine. I felt as confident as one should with this lead and only 100 200 blinds. Next hand I picked up A9 suited, He raised me all in. Heads up with this lead I felt it was an easy call. He had J10 of hearts and although the first two cards were hearts, no more came and Bahama's here we come!