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Monday, November 08, 2004

$1.71 challenge update

I played 3 more $3 Sit and go's last night, managing a 1st,3rd and 5th. This puts the bankroll up to $38. This 22x the starting level. For all the slagging VC gets on the forums for its bad play, the standard is not too bad at these low levels. The win was a long drawn out affair and the heads up lasted over 15 minutes, an eternity in a VC sit and go! It all came down to a lucky draw out for me, I had double the chips of my opponent and when he raised all in, I called with my A4. It seemed like the titanic struggle we were in was set to continue when I saw he had A5. However a lovely 4 came on the river and we are a couple of wins away from moving up another level.

I have decided not use freerolls to try and obtain my objective as I feel it will take away from the pureness of the quest.

Trying to make real money last night proved very difficult indeed. I played in a couple of $30 STT on Pokerstars and finished nowhere as first Aces and then Kings were cracked. The Aces were in the 3rd hand of the game and my initial raise was raised again, I pushed in, got the expected call and was horrified to see a King on the flop to make the guy a set! Second game I made it a bit further until the same thing happened with my KK vs 77.

I bombed out of a $11 rebuy satellite for the $350,000 Gtd when shortchipped I found AK and my all in was called in two spots by AA and A8 - Goodnight Vienna.

Whilst watching Paul Phillips throw away victory in the WPT at the Bicycle I managed to regain some money in NL ring game on Eurobet, turning my $25 into $75 in an hour. If a multi-millionaire can crack under pressure, what chance for me? Although you will not find me playing J2 suited in any game unless forced in the blinds! Well done to Paul though for not letting it get to him and winning one later in the series.

I have had offers to sell a piece of my action for the WPT in January and am still in two minds as whether to accept or not. whilst $3200 for 40% would make a nice bit of spending money, if I made the final table, giving someone $40,000 for every $100000 seems harsh! I think if I had paid into the tournament my feeling would be differerent. I think in the end I will not give into temptation and keep all of myself.

Stay Lucky!