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Sunday, November 28, 2004

3 for the money

All in all a quiet week on the poker front. I only managed a couple of hours online mainly in NL cash. Managed to win $160 overall. There never seemed to be a decent tournie on when I was able to play, I entered 2 $10 Pokerstars tournies and after being card dead for the first hour in both I managed to get AA cracked in both - once by Q6 suited and once by KK which made a flush! In fact if you include the cash games I had QQ or above 8 times and only won one hand ! Sometimes these things happen, my best starting hand was 910 which I made 2 straights and a full house with, each time getting the max from the hand.

The Friday game had a couple of entrants in the Merrion €100 on Tuesday but neither Steve or Kev ( last weeks winner ) made the break. Steve had it all in on a Q high board with KQ and was called by QJ - J on the river sent him packing. Not sure what happened to Kev as I was a bit worse for the drink when he told me!

Thursday's end of the month €270 we were only represented by Declan and his Dad who managed to both finish in the money - 16th and 13th respectively out of over 120 runners. This event seems to get bigger every month. I feel if we could get one of the Dublin venues to run one over two days with a decent clock we could have a great tournament every month. The current one is too much of a crapshoot with a 20 min clock.

Friday there was no home game as it was Declan's 21st Birthday. A good night was had by all, was not so great having to work the next day though. Sean had entered a $30 limit tournie on Party poker while he was waiting for everyone to get ready and when it was nearly time to leave he started playing aggressively with a view to losing his chips and ended up very near the chip lead. A phone call to his brother and Donald signed in and took over the game. Now Donald was in the last 13 when it was time for him to leave so he phoned his son who logged in and took over the game. Anthony managed to get 3rd for Sean worth over a grand! I feel sorry for anybody who had started to get a read as all three play different styles of poker!

I also heard a great story which shows poker players in a great light. I can't mention any names but it invloves a well known European player and a very well known American. The American was down on his luck in the late 90's and borrowed $5000 from the European player. The next year when they met up again the American handed back the $5000. The European asked him how much he had left in his pocket. '$1000' was the reply. He promptly handed the money back and said ' I only want it back when you can really afford it.'.
Moving on until recent times and the roles have reversed. The American is in a very good financial position and the European is not doing so well. Remembering how he was treated the American has paid the European into the last few WPT events.