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Friday, November 19, 2004

And now for something comletely different...

Oh dear my head hurts!

Last night I was invited to play in local charity event to raise money for a school. It was being held in a pub in a village a few miles from town. The local rag had run a story the previous week about my trip to the WPT in January. Apparently it is good story, or thats what my girlfriend's brother told me ( The editor of the paper! ). The organsiser of the event is a customer in my shop and she had sent someone in to sell me the €25 ticket. I have had more response from the article than any advert so I am glad I did it now.

Anyway back to last night. Catherine dropped me up to The Harbour Bar in Clogherhead a few minutes before the tournament started so I could get in a quick pint and read the rules. I have never played 5 card draw before and the betting rules were also a bit foreign to me. The dummy money looked like the kind you get in monopoly and we were given 1000 units each. 47 people turned up in the end with half the money going to charity and half in prizes. First got 300 second 100 and the rest of the final table got their money back. It started off with 7 tables, my table had seven players, most who knew the rules thankfully!

The betting was 20 in by the dealer and openers were jacks or better. Nobody could open for the first 4 hands so the pot was building up nicely. You were allowed to open for upto half the pot and I never saw anyone open for less. The maximum raise was 100 and the maximum bet was 200 but nobody seemed to pay any heed to this. I found a few high pairs to start but never improved them and was losing money fast. The expectation on me was high because of the article and I sensed nobody believed I hadn't a clue with this game. After about 20 minutes I think they started to realise I was telling the truth as I had the least money on the table!

The guinness was flowing well and as it started an hour late everyone was in great form. It was played in the spirit of the event and the only pot that wasn't taken to a showdown was one that I opened and bet after the draw with only my opening Aces! At one stage 4 hands in a row were won by boats and 2 by flushes. There was a king high straight split pot but nobody on our table managed a poker for which there were spot prizes of a bottle of whisky. One table had two! After just over an hour of great fun it was time to count the money and see who made the final table. Amazingly enough with the looseness of the game two players on our table tied with 1830 each and i dealt them 5 cards each and Michael O'Niell won with King high!

I proceeded to lose another 30 euro's in a cash version of the game afterwards and plenty more on the Black stuff, Finally at about 2am it was time to get a €20 taxi home. Apologies to some of the guys who were playing pool and were to share my taxi. Neither the driver or I realised it was to be shared until the driver was radioed asking where he was. By this time we were almost at my house, I hope they didn't have to wait too long for another!

All in all it was a great night, but I don't think draw poker is for me unless it is for very low stakes. If I can shift this hangover I will be playing in the Friday game tonight and there will be a report tomorrow.