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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Athgoe Aces are on a roll!

Things are finally clicking into place for our Friday night game players. Last night Kev added to our successes by chopping the $100 at the Merrion for a $1500 profit. Joe who plays on occasion with us went into the final table with a massive chip lead but managed to blow it off and finished 6th. Kev had better luck with his Aces than on Friday night when he got them twice early on and both times found himself up against Kings. They held up both times and he got to the final table in average postion whithout finding anymore big hands. A key hand that got him down to the last two was when becoming short stacked he made a move with pocket 8's and found himself called by both the chip leaders. Joe with AJ and another guy with 7's. They held up and he tripled up and cruised to the final two.

This caps off a great week in style for us. just to recap the month so far:
Sean Paul won $5000 in a Party $50 MTT
Kev €1500 in Merrion €100 and also €1100 in Merrion €150 rebuy during festival
Steve had a 3rd in Merrion €100 for €500
Declan had a 7th on Party for $770 and turned $130 into $2000 in a cash game on Party this weekend.
I had a $2400 in the Merrion festival, €1100 in a Fitz €20 rebuy, a seat in a WPT worth $11000 and $5000 in Pokerstars $215 on Sunday.

Not to mention occasional players like Ciaron's 3rd in Merrion and Joe's 6th. Plus Sean Paul's dad made a top five in the Fitz €270.

Keep the cards coming!

Ps. Strange 100NL cash game on Party last night. Doubled up first hand when my AQ made Q's full then after 2 rounds of junk I raised with AK suited and someone made it $50 i called and hit another boat! after another hour of junk I left with a nice profit from 2 hands!