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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Beats, beats and more beats !

Went to the Merrion tonight for some more live game practice ahead of January. I was joined by three of the Friday game regulars and we joined over 40 others in the $100 freezeout. I have always been impressed by the Merrions structures in my previous visits and it is the scene of my 2 biggest live wins. Unfortunatley I have a false impression as I have only played there during festivals. These tournaments are just like the ones in the Fitz with only 20 minute doubling blinds.
I was never able to really get going and every time I won a small pot, I lost a bigger one shortly afterwards. One that springs to mind is where a small stack went all in after the flop and I called knowing my second pair was best. It was, however he hit one of his 5 outs on the river to stay alive and knock me down another peg.
I managed to steal my way down to the last two tables along with Kev and Ciaron from the game. Steve went out early when his K high flush was beaten by an Ace high one. After raising with pocket eights I was reraised by a player who had double me up a few hands before calling with A2 vs my A9 and had also called an all in with pocket 5's. I quickly called and was right to do so as he had pocket sixes.
Then the cruellest thing happened. The flop came 10 9 7 meaning if he hit his 6 I made a straight. This was my only thought and was stupidly thinking the pot was mine when the turn brought an 8! obviously the board never paired and his straight (2 outs after the flop!!! excluding running 6's) knocked me out.
Kev had a similar beat when his pocket pair hit the flop only to be cracked by a straight.
Ciaron however was hitting cards all night and managed to cash in 3rd for a healthy profit.
I moved over to the cash game and twice had all my money in with the nuts on the turn only to be outdrawn on the river. Both were 5:1 shots but when your luck has gone it has gone!
Never mind it will be back sometime, hopefully soon.

Something I probably have no right to comment on, but will anyway is the flaming that goes on amongst the Hendon mob forum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but lately there are whole threads ridiculing someone who posted a stupid question. I see no need for this and think the flamings far more annoying than the stupid questions! It just creates a mess to look through and find an interesting discussion. Sometimes people just need reassurance that they have done the right thing and posting a question in forum is a good way of establishing this. What seems futile to some is important to others. If you don't like the topic just move on too the next one!

Also look Hendon Mob cos when we think of a name our mob will be after your crown. Ciaron's cash was about the 6th or 7th time in a row one of us has been in the money when more than one of us enter a tournie!