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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Challenge takes some beats

The $1.71 challenge has take a couple of beats to slip below $100 temporarily. However a 2nd in a freeroll has put it back up above again - only just. I had got as high as $145 but 2 out of the money's in $10 STT and a buy in loss at a .50/1 NL hurt like hell. Both STT I went out having Aces cracked and the cash game loss was KK vs AJ on a K high flop and I called an all in bluff only for runner runner straight to appear! All this just after setting myself a time limit to reach the $1000 goal.
At the same time as I started the challenge I also opened an account with Coral Eurobet which is the European skin to Party. I did this as I was offered a rake back deal and saw it as an opportunity to get some ring game practice in. I started with $64 and so far have it up to $374. If the $1.71 challenge was on Party/Eurobet I may have already reached my target!

Excellent blog - well written and covering subjects not touched on by many other bloggers.

Also about time I thanked all the well wishers for my trip to the WPT. With all the luck I have been wished I may go on and win the thing! It is aslo good to see a few more europeans have joined the qualifying list including someone else from Ireland. So far there are over 140 quailifiers from Pokerstars and a few direct buyins listed including Barry Greenstien. Last I checked online pro Ackbleh had also made it. Dont know how many times he tried but he always seemed to be in the double shootout qualifiers and he knocked Sean Paul out of one.

Finally one of my customers dropped in Rounders on VHS so I am looking forward to watching it soon.

Stay Lucky !