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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Finding the time

I am finding it difficult to fit in any poker at the moment. I want to play as many live tournaments as possible in the run up to the WPT, but things keep getting in the way. I have made only 1 Friday game in the last three and am going to miss out this week as well as I have family visiting. Mind you I can't complain really as usually I can play as much poker as I like thanks to a very understanding Catherine.
I wanted to play the Merrion €100 tonight but have to miss that due to other commitments. Hopefully I will be able to get to the Fitz tommorrow and play the €20 rebuy, not my favourite tournament as it can turn into a crapshoot quite quickly.
I have only managed one online session in the last week which was last night on Pokerstars. I found a 1/2 NL table and was up almost $100 in no time and then all my good hands were getting beat and I ended up down $5 after an hour and a half. Thrice I had trips beaten by runner runner flushes and straights. Considering this I was glad not to lose all my buy in.
In the abscence of my own play I will try to update with reports from the others in the Friday game. More success on Sunday as Sean Paul's Cousin won $16,500 in an Ultimat Bet Tournie after qualifying in a $5 satellite. We are currently blessing some lucky shamrocks with our fortune as we speak. They will be on sale in a poker store near you soon!

Watch this space!
I am currently involved in setting up a new poker website which will contain links to all the best poker content on the net, updated daily pointing to all the latest articles, blogs and forums. You will also be able to follow the fortunes of five relatively new players as they progress in the world of live and online poker tournaments.

$1.71 update
Not been able to play much but up to $130. have set myself the aim of reaching $1000 by the WPT to use as spending money so will have to find the time to start playing again!