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Monday, November 01, 2004

Long shots.

Since my last blog I have had a little time to take in the possibilities that lie ahead after winning a seat in the WPT Event in January. It would be wrong to say it has been a lifetime dream as I only really found out about poker in March. It has however been a long time dream to be rich - as I am sure it is most peoples!

I know that winning this event will need me to have a little bit of luck, but the Moneymaker and Raymer wins show that it can be done. Not that I can compare myself to either player. I am sure they had been playing poker for a lot longer than I have. But I am still in a no lose situation. The worst I can come away with is a cheap luxury holiday for Catherine and I. However, I cannot help but think what a difference winning this would make to our lives. It is also hard for me to write off my own chances . Three times this year I have played in tournaments with some of the top european Pro's and finished 1st and 8th in two of them. I have won tournaments online and live.I have an advantage as I can watch the top players and learn how they play. Nobody knows me, so at least for the first while they will be a bit cautious around me ( hopefully!). I figure that whilst I won't be the best player there, I won't be the worst either.

In reality, from now until the last card is dealt I am going to be living in a state alternating between heaven and hell. At the moment I have have my own business and it pays the rent and a little bit more, It also gives me the freedom to do what I like ( to a degree). I have plans to expand but it would take between 5 and ten years to earn what this tournament paid out to first place last year ($455,000 to Gus Hansen). Yet I have a chance to do it in 5 days.

I am under no illusions that it is a long shot. But how often do long shots come in? How often are you beaten by a 2 or 3 outer on the river? The lottery is 14,000,000 : 1 but invariably someone wins every week. I have seen my home town non league football team, Weymouth, beat Manchester United. Greece won the world cup. I had money on Last Suspect when it won the Grand National at 50:1. I saw Boris Becker win Wimbledon at 17.

My aim : To join that list and be another winning long shot.

If not, a suntan and plenty of weak american beer will have to do!

I am sure my feelings about this will change over the coming weeks and I am going to use this blog to try and make sense of them. Also when I get there I will post updates during the competition. Hopefully you will have a lot of updates!