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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A long way to go...

Last night I had the priviledge of getting some poker advice from a very experienced poker player. More than that I actually got to play in an online tournament with him looking over my shoulder. I should mention that this player has made a WPT final table and played in some of the biggest private games in the world.

It was uncanny how he managed to call other peoples hands correctly so many times. A lot of the time we were not in the pot but every time he called someones hand and there was a showdown he was spot on. Some of the things he told me I could understand but most of it just seemed to be experience. He reckons he can read players better online than in a live game and from what I saw I have no reason not to believe him. If I can bring even a few points into my game from this it will give me a better chance in January.

$1.71 Update

Due to a technical problems the challenge stalled yesterday as I had no internet access all day. However since the first day things have moved forward slightly. I have played 6 STT for $1 and won 2, come 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th once each which although increasing my hefty bankroll by about 20% still left it at just short of $20. I decided to move up early to the $3 levels. Now I know thats sounds like I am getting out of my depth, but I really felt inside that I was ready for this leap. As it happens my confidence was well placed and I tore through my 8 opponents to claim top spot and move my balance to just shy of $30.

There is something I am having trouble with. I am accrueing action points which can be used to enter freeroll tournaments. If I use these am I cheating my experiment?

Anyway, once I have reinstalled VC's software back onto my PC on Monday the challenge will continue full steam ahead. Beware Luckyblind is on a roll, bankroll up 1500% and showing no signs of flagging!