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Friday, November 26, 2004

Memories of Mullets

It's not often I post about anything other than poker. This is one of those rare occassions.
Today I was humbled by small statement.

Please remember this day all of your lives. It's Important.
Remember the day you wanted to help.
Remember the bands and crews who did it. The professionals who made it an extraordinary technological feat.
Remember the dying who were allowed to live.
Remember the day you die, there is someone alive in Africa 'cos you watched a pop concert.
Remember your tears and your joy.
Remember your love.
Remember on that day for once in our bloody lives WE WON.
Remember the dying goes on and remember so that as time passes you can tell others 'its possible, I know'.
What a day, what a lovely day.

Bob Geldof July '85.

I was reading this whilst also watching children dying at the beginning of the new Live Aid DVD.
I was a fresh faced 14 year old who loved music when this all happened. Along with 1,500,000,000 other people, every TV and radio in our house was tuned to this momentous occasion. It is a day I will never forget. But to be honest at the time I don't think I really understood the magnitude of the event. I was enthralled, because the cream of the world's musical talent at the time were playing one after another. All the talk the next amongst my friends and I was about the bands. How Freddie Mercury rocked, how nobody but the Quo could have opened the show, how the generators packed in and we missed part of the Who's set. We were more worried about how we were going to get our hair to look like Simon Le Bon's and how we would afford an electric guitar to become rock stars. As 14 year olds I think we can be forgiven for not thinking too much about the starving children.
Deep down I think it had an effect on me back then even though I probably didn't know it. I have always had a positive outlook on my own life no matter what I have been through. I believe that events like this helped instill in me the philosophy that 'it could be a whole lot worse'. There are many people in the world who would glady swap a life full of my low points for their own.
I am not sure if I actually have a point to make here, other than that if you think things are bad then watch something like this and you will soon realise it is not really that bad at all. I would urge anyone to buy this DVD. There are some great performances on it and it is a reminder of how if people pull together they can make a difference, however small. Also you will be giving something to a deserving charity ( not that other charity's aren't just as deserving ). Try also to buy it from a retailer who is selling it at cost price, everybody else involved is doing their bit for free so why should the retailer make any money out of such a good cause? As a retailer I can tell you that the cost price is €36.50 plus VAT. Many stores near me are selling it for €60. That means they are making over €15 on every copy they sell! To me (a businessman who is always looking for a quick profit) this is wrong and goes against all something like this stands for. As long as I can get stock it will be on sale in my shop ( The GamePad in Drogheda - have to plug it somehow) for €44.

By the way I am proud to say that by the time I was 17 I had got my hair long enough to have it permed at the back and crimped every night before I went out on the town!