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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Milestone reached

For any of you who are still following the $1.71 challenge a landmark has been reached. After hours of labour in the torrid world of low limit poker, mixing with the best the poker world has to offer, the bankroll has moved into 3 figures. The princely sum of $100.34 now sits proudly in my VC account. I am going to give it a well earned rest before pushing it to the limit and aiming for the magic $1000 mark.

For all the hours I have put in to achieve this ( Brian, I am not forgetting your contribution coming third in a $.10 STT for me!) you may think it has not been worth my while. However, the patience and discipline in required to achieve this without busting out has improved my overall game considerably. I have no doubt that it helped in coming 9th for $5k on Sunday night. During that tournament I correctly laid down many more hands than I would have previously and also managed to control my sometimes mistimed aggression.

I would recommend that everyone attempts something like this to enhance their game.

The challenge will continue, be afraid anyone who meets me in my next game as I am determined not to let the balance slip below $100!

It took a hit and run to push it slightly over the $100 as after winning a $5 STT I was sitting on $99.84. I dived into a .5/.10 game and got AK second hand. Raised, one caller K on the flop with two spades, All in, he folds and I collect and leave. Bad form I know, but I just wanted to get the magic figure on the board. Next up will be some more low No limit ring games to get up to $120 before hitting some more $10 STT. I have multiplied my initial bankroll by over 50x and only need to get it up another 10x to hit my target. Somehow I think it will take more than a fifth of the time so far!

Stay Lucky !