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Tuesday, November 09, 2004


A few steps forward and a few more back yet the challenge fund is moving forward slowly but surely. I had Kings full beaten twice in one day. Playing $3 sit and go's I have never finished out of the money twice in row. However it is getting a bit frustrating waiting for tables to start. I am used to Party where if you register you are usually playing within a minute. Having waited for half an hour for a table to start to fill I left my lonely seat and took $4 into a .05/.10 ring game ind 1hr later I was $10 up. Now the fund is at $55 I can start to play the $5 sit and go's and hopefully we will see some rapid upwards movement.

Although this is really just a bit of fun, now I have got this far I intend to see it to the end. It has also added to my game overall. When you have a very limited bankroll, patience starts to become a great factor in success. I find myself passing middling hands that have been my downfall in cash games before and taking much more notice of other players at the table instead of just playing my cards. Spotting the players who are willing to put all their chips in on top pair in a flushing board or with A low kicker is far more profitable than waiting for the rockets. It is amazing how many of these kinds of players abound the net. To be honest I have been gulity quite often in the early stages of my poker career, but gradually have tried to erode these maniacal plays from my game.

Since starting this quest I have also been playing 25NL cash games on Eurobet and I think it is no coincidence that I have had 4 winning sessions out of 5. Beforehand it was usually the other way round in cash games, ie: 4 losing out of 5. If this keeps up I think I will stick to these rather than the sit and go's. I have a good record in STT on Party/Eurobet but I think per hour there is more to made in the cash games.

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