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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pete Tong....

All has gone wrong in the $1.71 challenge! After steadily climbing up to $64 without finishing out of the money more than once in a row the cards have turned on me..,.. 3 out of the moneys in $5 tournies and two bust outs in the low limit ring games have seen the bankroll almost halve to $34. In earlier posts I mentioned that some of the play at the extreme low limits is not actually that bad, however step up to $5 sit and go's and it is terrible! Early in one game a guy went all in UTG and I was sitting with AA on the button, all fold to me and obviously I commit all my chips. To my delight the crazy player has gone with 7 2 ! Horror set in as the flop was 2 7 K and no help on the turn or river. All of the other games I witnessed similar plays by other players. Other examples include a guy calling for all his chips with K high against a flushing paired board - he was second chip leader out of 5 left before this hand, two other stacks including mine barely enough to cover the blinds! My own play has also been the downfall, two exits almost identical, with AA and KK my raises were called and both times the flop was rainbow, unsuited and unstraightening. Both times checked to me. Both times I bet too much and am pot committed. Both times I am up against a flopped set. Both times no ace saves me! In a tournament last night the same thing happened against the only player at the table who could bust me and I was only 4 from the money and well above average chips. All the players who busted me I had seen bet and call into boards far too dangerous for their hands.... How come they managed to hit one when up against me! Damn those poker gods!

I played stud Hi/lo for the first time last night as pokerstars had a $1 tournie going. For the first hour or so I was doing well. I won 17/19 hands that went to showdown, although none were full pots. Then all of a sudden I was getting beaten by Nut flushs with a low against my K high flush and 8 low and found myself short stacked. I decided to bet all my next hands as it was getting late and managed to win 4 in a row before taking it a step to far against a large stack. I had a low but his wheel took all the chips and i was gone 100 out of over 400. I will definatley have another go as it was fun but I don't think I could play stud for serious money.