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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Seanie Short Stack Fagan - The Rock of Gibraltar

Due to my social diary being full this weekend I have had no chance to play any poker yet, apart from a quick half an hour for the challenge in which I took $4 to a cash game and had it up to over $20 in half an hour. If I had more time I'm sure I could have ran it up much further as the table was so loose and full of calling stations.

The weekend however belongs to Sean Paul who is a co-host of the Friday game along with with his brother Declan. After the rebuy and top up fiasco of last week a freezeout structure was decided on and they managed too fit in two games one €100 and one €50. The only details I know so far are that Kev was busted out on the first hand in the €100 when his Aces were beaten by J 5! I believe his raise was called by one of the blinds who hit two pair on the flop. All the money then went in and he had a long wait for the second game. Sean Paul it seems managed to nurse a short stack through both games and end up victorious, hence his new long winded nickname. It was a good weekend for the tightest player in the world as he did exactly the same on Party Poker last night in a 400 runner $50 tournament taking $5000 for first.

The trip to the Bahama's is slowly beginning to sink in as I was contacted by Pokerstars to reserve my room, however for some reason the website they use was unable to book my flights. These however have now been booked through British Airways and I decided to pay a little bit more for flights that only stop in Heathrow before Nassua instead of stopping at Manchester and Miami. This gets us there a few hours earlier and gives us the whole day after we check out to ejoy the last rays of sun before heading back to Mid-Winter Ireland.