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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Well the $1.71 challenge has stalled anyway. After hitting a peak of $160 it now is back down to $98. After bad beats then more bad beats at the NL ring games I decided to give the $27 Multi a shot, I figured the play would be a bit better. How wrong I was. In the low limit games players will call with a gutshot nearly all the time, usually this is good, but when the cards are not running for you it can cost you a lot.
In the main tournie, A large buy in for VC players I expected different. But no, they will still call with virtually anything even after the rebuy. A group of players were berating another for calling with a 4 outer. One of them promptly called an all in after the flop with nothing but bottom pair and runner runner straight draw. Guess what the runner runner hit and his mates were congratulating his excellent play!
As it happens my exit was pretty undramatic, with less than 5* the blind I found KQ in late position and with no callers so far raised all in. I was called by AJ, no complaints, no help and the challenge is hit again. earlier I had made the final table of a $12 tournie and went out on the bubble! My mistake looking back, I played too soft and when everbody folded to the SB on my BB he made a min raise. I had AJ and just called. The flop came J 5 5 and when he bet half my stack I raised all in, I couldn't put him on a 5 after raising so thought my top pair top kicker was good. Not against 9 5 offsuit though!
On a happier note all is going well on Eurobet. I started with $64 and have grinded it up to over $600 playing the NL tables. So far I have had 16 sessions totalling just over 20hrs and have made a profit in 12 of them.
Also I made a suggestion on The Hendon Mob forum about running a private forum tournament online and it seems to have been well recieved. The mob are talking about getting some added prize money going so get on over there and register on their forum if you want to play!