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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Two maidens

Back into the usual Friday home game last night after shaking off the hangover from Thursday. I was looking forward to playing some live poker, but for the most part it turned into dealer practice for me! At least I wasn't as unlucky as Joe who after paying his €100 entry found himself eliminated on the first hand! He was the victim of playing it cute and allowed Declan to draw a monster. Declan had raised with Pocket Kings and Joe had called with AJ. Joe chose to check the flop of AAQ and Declan bet slightly more than the pot and Joe called. Next card was the Killer King and this time Joe bets out and is put All in by Declan. No help on the river and we were down to 10 straight away.

There was one other exit before I managed to put all my chips in on a read when the river took away my chances of only splitting the pot. There were four players in the hand an I was on the button with K 10. It was unraised pre-flop. The flop was J 9 x with two spades. After the flop was checked around, the turn brought the Q of spades giving me the nut straight. Sean Paul led out with a small feeler bet which was called by John and then raised by Peter. I was sure Peter didn't have the flush made, more likely a J or a Q with an Ace. Sean Paul would have waited for someone else to bet if he had it and John usually makes a small raise if he has a hand. I decided to push in and Peter called announcing he expected to be behind. Unfortunately for me he was holding the same hand as me, only with the King of spades. One of the 9 remaining spades hit the river to allow me to deal the rest of the action!

I am glad I got my reads right but I really should have just called and made sure the spade never came. I could have gotten away from it then and although I would have been extremely short, at least I would have still been in. Well done to Peter though, he went on to win for the first time in only about his tenth game.

One big pot that he won almost had Declan and his Dad coming to blows though. With five left, four getting paid, Peter raised to 2000. Blinds were 300/600 I think, He was called by Jerry and Sean snr. Declan thought for a while before folding. Then the flop came J 7 7 and Deco got up from the table cursing. Peter bet All in. Jerry folds and Sean thinks for a minute. He announces that he heard Declan saying something about folding a 7 ( in fact he had pocket 7's), although he considered it unfair it had him convinced that Peter was on a bluff and that his Ace high was good. He called and Peter flipped over JJ ! This gave Peter a large lead he kept all night apart from when Steve doubled through on him heads up. It also set the Fagans on tilt. Declan was affected more than his Dad and made a massive error on the bubble. Jerry had only 1000 chips left and the blinds wer 500/1000. It was his BB in two hands. Declan had called a small raise with AK vs Peter. The board flopped K rag rag and Declan immediately put all his remaining chips into the pot with TPTK. Peter had K rag and had been on the steal but his rag gave him 2 pair and no Ace saved Declan, Jerry delighted to slip quietly into the money.

Jerry then Sean were next to leave. Peter was a big chip leader when up against Steve and managed to hold on despite going behind at on stage.

We had a €50 game afterwards, there were 10 for this one as only Joe had left when busted. We had to play with shorter levels and higher starting blinds as it was getting late. After slipping down to 1500 chips from I ended up heads up with Huey. I was a way behind in chips but managed to get him outchipped 2:1 by raising almost every pot. Huey is relatively new to the game and it showed as for the most part he allowed himself to be dominated during heads up play. The only problem with my strategy was that whilst he would fold most hands to an All in, including A 10 at one point, he would call a large raise with virtually anything so I was have to put my chips at risk quite often, but it was working so far. After winning 4 or 5 pots in a row uncontested I decided to limp in with 6 8 and the flop came 6 2 2. Now it is pretty difficult to read Huey in unraised pots as he could have anything, he had previously shown down High Aces and pocket queens in similar pots. He would call anything less than all his chips with overcards in this situation. The mistake I made was not checking to him, as he only ever bets when he has something. I would have then laid down my hand. Instead I put him all in and he called with his 2 6 and even made a poker on the river. This put him almost level and a few hands later, after everyone else telling him he needed to stop waiting for premium hands he called one of my All ins with Q 8. I had only 10 5 and no improvement saw me down to just 5000 with blinds of 1500/3000. Next hand I was all in and my J 3 was beaten by Huey's K 7 so there was another duck broken.

I should have won this one so I am a bit annoyed with myself. Never mind though I was only down €50 for 9 hours entertainment!