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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


My big poker adventure starts in just over a week. Last night I logged on to Pokerstars and saw that they are running the first part of the tournament in two halves. I am in the first half starting the day after we arrive. From the list of nicknames I can only see a few top pro's in this half, Hoyt Corkins, Erick Lindgren, Isabelle Mercier and TT Tran. The other half looks a bit tough with Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstien, Daniel Negreanu, Eric Siedel, Juha Helppi and Josh Arieh. So far so good !

Christmas day was also a bit spooky. I am not normally anywhere near superstitious but something strange was going on. At the meal we pulled our crackers and I managed to win a miniature pack of playing cards. Later on in the evening another box of crackers was opened and yet again I won the miniature cards ! I am considering using one of these as a marker for my cards in Atlantis !

Just a reminder, internet connection permitting, I will be keeping a diary of the WPT event at .

I have played a couple of tournaments online over the festive season and have made the money both times for a grand profit of $30 !! The first was a 1800+ Party Poker tournie and I managed to make it to 176th Position. Every time I got into a good position I was whacked by the gods of poker. Twice I had the nut straight and once the nut flush by the turn only for the board to pair on the river to give someone a boat and cripple me again. I finally put the last of my chips in with AQ and was called by J10 suited and Ace on the flop but running clubs on the turn and river and I was gone. The second was a VC rebuy. It was only $3 but first paid almost $500. I made it to the money and then picked up the rockets. The table chip leader went in before me and I called to find him with pocket 2's. I had seen the 2's hold up early and they did so again and I was out in 21st of 167.

The rockets have not been good to me lately, I have been having a go at limit poker and picked them up twice last night only to get an ace on the flop both times and still lose ! So 0/3 last in total, hopefully it will even out next week !

The $1.71 challenge is still going, although I am not giving it a great deal of attention at the moment. I am hovering around the $130 mark and am currently playing limit .50/1 with the odd small priced MTT thrown in for good measure.

If I don't manage to post again before the New Year I would like to wish everyone a GOOD ONE!

Also well done to fellow blogger Milkybarkid who has qualified for the EPT event in Deauville through Pokerstars. Also to the dealer at the Fitz whose real name I forget, who quailfied for the Copenhagen leg, online he is CrazyGrace !

Thursday, December 23, 2004

My first year in poker.....

As the year draws to a close it is time for me to look back on my first year in poker. It all started when I saw Late Night Poker on challenge TV early in the year. I found it strangely compelling viewing and watched it regularly, slowly learning the rules and becoming familiar with some of the plays that were made.

At this time I had no idea that you could play poker online until I was at my supplier's warehouse and heard them talking about Party poker. Having some spare time on my hands one afternoon shortly after I saw an advert for Freeserve poker on a website and downloaded the software. I deposited $100 and started playing some low limit tournaments. The date for this momentous occasion was March 10th 2004. Until that day the nearest to poker I had come was playing Bastard brag at school!

Straight away I was hooked and won my first Multi table tournament within a few days, netting me about $110. I downloaded Ladbrokes software and won another multi, this time netting me $324. From this time onwards I have never been in the red for my poker career. Having these few early wins helped in more than one way. Firstly once I was up I was able to tell Catherine that I was now playing off winings and if I lost it I hadn't really lost ! Secondly it gave me the confidence to start playing live.

I was asked by one of my customers to play in their home game and won 2 of the 3 small but in tournaments in my first visit. Then I was invited to Sean Paul and Declan's home game. The standard here was a lot higher, poker is in their blood. Their father, Sean is an ex Irish Open winner and their uncle Donald has long been a top high stakes player, making an appearance at a WPT final table as well as winning other big tournaments in Vegas before the poker boom.

The first game here I finished out of the money but cleaned up in the cash game afterwards for a $300 profit on the night. It was this win that allowed me to enter my first live multi table tournament. My account of this is here.

Not long after that I picked up $770 in a freeserve MTT and went down to the Merrion to try and quailify for the World Poker championship event. I had no expectation of qualifiying as the field in the satellite had some quaility names such as Devilfish, Lucy Rokach, Andy Bloch, Miami John, Simon Trumper, Steve Vladar to name a few. It was a €150 rebuy and I had brought enough for one rebuy. I used this early on as I found myself pot committed with Top pair weak kicker. The very next hand I was in the big blind and held K 2. The flop contained a 2 and was checked around. The turn brought another 2 and I bet half the pot (this was a pot limit event), it was called in two places. The river brought the case 2 and I checked, One player bet the pot and the other folded, I raised a small amount more All in and put myself in a nice position.

I went on to make the final table and when it was down to myself, Lucy Rokach and Tom Hanlon we decided to do a deal. The payout was a €6000 ticket for 1st, €6000 for second and €2450 for third. As they had already payed into the event the ruling was if I finished second I would have to take the ticket, so the most cash I could have got was €2450 for third. I offered them €5k each and took €4200 the rest going to the dealers. I figured I didn't stand much chance yet against the top players in the world so was very happy with the cash !

That was my largest cash in a live event so far, however I have won a smaller event in the Fitzwilliam and made the final table of a ranking event in the Merrion in October.
So far in live poker I have staked €5270 and won €10,650 for a profit of €5380. This includes all tournaments and cash games. The only place I am in the red is the Fitzwilliam, mainly due to the €270 event in which I have yet to cash and also the cash games! If anybody in Ireland is new to poker and wants to play live I would reccommend giving the Fitz a go. The Staff and customers are very good and having read about some other poker rooms I would say it is one of the best run in Europe.

Back on to Internet poker. So far major wins include over €10,000 in a Party satellite which crashed and paid out cash instead of a ticket to the Euro Open. $1300 and $5400 cashes in +1600 runnere events on Party and Pokerstars. Not forgetting winning a seat at the WPT event in the Bahama's in January ! So far in total my internet profit stands at €12,953. Plus holiday and $8000 entry paid.

I am very happy with how poker has gone for me this year, the money has been very handy as I am only 15 months into my business and the early time for a business can be tough. Having a very understanding partner also helps. Although the Bahamas is the third holiday paid for by poker in the last 9 months so it is easier for her to let me stay out/up playing !

My aims for next year are to consilidate on last year and travel over to some of the festivals in Europe along with some of the guys from the home game. You will be able to follow our progress at Clan Poker. The site is up and running and access permitting I will be updating my WPT diary live from the sun! We have some budding poker writers contributing articles for us and they should be up in the new year sometime. If you have a look at the site you will see it contains a lot of poker related links. If you think something is worth linking to then please let me know and I will update it.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone who reads these ramblings a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.!

Stay Lucky !

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Reading between the lines....

After reading that a few other bloggers had given the Party Poker Step challenge a bash I decided to have a go myself. I started at level 2 and won so moved up to level 3. My first go at level 3 I finished 7th so was given another shot at this level.
Unfortunately I busted out in 15th when my Aces were cracked by an AK making a flush.

I had looked at this like many as a good way to try and get a big score from a small entry fee. That is until I was reading Andy Ward's Blog. The rake on this event is huge. I did a few sums and was very suprised. This is what I worked out:

To fill level five it takes 2.5 level four tournaments, so therefore requires 2.5*20 players = 50.
To get those 50 players requires 8.1 level 3 tournaments which equates to 162 players.
162 players at level three = 40.5 level 2 tournaments which is 810 players.
To get 810 players in level 2 there must be 202.5 level 1 tournaments which is 4,050 players paying $11.
So 4,050*11 = 44,550.

Payout is $20,000 @ level 5
$75 at level 4
$283.5 at level 3
$1215 at level 2

Total = $21573.50

So total rake = $44,550-$21573.50 = $22976.50 This is 51.57% of total paid including initial $1 reg fee!

I am not sure how to work out the effect of people moving up and down the levels, but I can't believe it adds up to much out of the +$20k rake!

The worst thing about this is is taking huge lumps of bankroll out of play which cannot be good for poker.

Website update:

I have been working on a website which will eventually replace this blog. It is designed to follow the adventures of myself and 4 other players from the Friday game as we venture further into the poker world. My Diary from the WPT in January will be there and ther is also a plethora of links to all thinks poker related. The articles section will be up and running soon. Anyone who wishes to contribute anything then please feel to email me.

The site can be found at . Any feedback, positive or negative will be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Party Poker rocks....

For myself and Sean snr anyway!

After messing about in some pot limit Omaha cash games, winning a bit and losing a bit, I decided to try some Party Poker tournaments. I have been playing tournaments on pokerstars recently but at the moment there is only WPT statellites running at a suitable time.

When logging on I noticed Sean was registered for the $100 tournie. I did not have enough in my account to join him as I had transferred him some for cash earlier in the week and I am trying not to redeposit anymore money. I kept the window open so I could check in how he was doing later.

First I entered the next $50 NL tournie and was gone before the first level overplaying AK after missing on the flop. Next up was an Omaha H/L which used up all my balance, I bust out of that on level three when I flopped a full house and ran into quads! With my balance gone I loaded up pokerstars and played some more Omaha whilst watching Sean in his tournament.

With about 40 left he was on 2000 chips, a few minutes later he was up to 5000 and above average. With the field dropping fast he began to move through the field and when his AA held up with 18 left he was above the average stack. He was picking a lot of people off with well timed reraises and easily made the final table where there were a few stacks the same size as his. There was one guy with 5* most stacks. It didn't seem to long that Sean had eliminated most of the others to end up heads up with a slight chip lead. First hand they ended up all in on an A high flop and his AQ held up over AJ for a nice $6.5k win. When he is in the mood he can certainly mix it with the best!

Inspired by his result I decided to top up my account and entered a $20 tournament with 1667 runners.

I dodged a bullet early on when with AK vs A10 the board read x A 10 10 with only the river to come. Luckily the case Ace popped up at 44-1 to save me! This was the only slice of luck I had throughout the rest of the tournament as played a very tight aggressive game and I had built up a 9000 chip stack from my initial 1000 by the time the bubble approached.

Trying to take advantage of the players trying to drift into the money and make a $4 profit I lost half of it when one of the loser players called with A10 clubs vs my AKo. When the flop came A High I called his All in bet and lo and behold two clubs appeared to give him the pot!

Once we were in the money I had the cards to pick off players as the game loosened back up and was soon up to over 40000 when KK held up twice and AK once within a couple of rounds. It is amazing how many players on this site are willing to put an above average stack on the line with Ax ! Now I was in position to make the final table but the cards went completely quiet and every time I was in a postion to steal I had rubbish or some else had put in a big raise.

I tried to take out the big blind from the small blind three times in a row and ran into pocket tens twice and AQ which all held up against my small pairs and an A10. Down to 9000 and blinds of 3000,6000 I finally got a hand in KK again and it held up as two stacks checked down my raise. I had been on table two for ages and now I had chips again my tight image helped as I stole my way back into contention before being cut in half when I flopped a set of eights from the small blind only to find someone had limped with the ladies and made a set also.

By now it was 6 am and I had been playing this tournie for 4 hrs and stood to get only $250 if i missed the final table! I managed to bluff a few flops after limping and missing and then AK hit against pocket sevens and I was at the final table 4th in chips with over 250,000.

By now blinds were 15,000 and 30,000 so everyone was a shortstack and almost every pot was won before the flop with a raise. I blew off half my chips when I made top pair when a K hit the turn, unfortunatley my opponent had paired his 6 as well as his King, a possible flush on the river saving me the rest of my chips.

Amongst all the too-ing and fro-ing I had the lead twice and was shortstack twice, I think everyone at the table was the same. Eventually I was left with 93,000 and was next on the Big blind which was now 40,000 and went in with KJ hoping top get lucky. The hand I never had all night (ok i had KK 3 times!) - the Rockets sent me packing in 6th for a healthy $1300. 65x my buy in almost exactly the same multiple as Sean won!

I was more than satisfied as this was only about the 5th 1500+ runner event I have entered. I have finished just in the money twice and made 2 final tables as well winning over $6000 in the process.

3 weeks 'til the WPT in the Bahama's - They have just started re-runs on challenge TV at 10pm so will be watching them all looking for tells! I got one good note last night - reraise Paul Philips and he will fold the best hand and call when he has the worst! Fair play to him though, next time he made the final table he won it to set the record straight...

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Mixing it up

Thursday night had a bash at the Omaha on Pokerstars as I didn't fancy another late tournament night. I managed to turn my initial $85 buy in into $220 before calling it a night. I just played every cheap flop and won a few small pots and also won and lost a few big ones! I don't know how people can play this game all the time but it was good fun all the same.

Friday was the home game and Kev, Steve and I had a little suprise for the regular hosts. Myself and a good friend - Barry the builder, had built a full size holdem table complete with leather padded rail by way of a christmas thankyou for running the game every week. It seemed to go down well and now when we have a big turnout we won't have to make a second table out of two small ones.

Only seven showed for the first game which is the lowest turnout for months. It was the usual €100 in and we started with 7000 chips and blinds of 25/50. We ran a 25 minute clock to give plenty of play and things got off and running nice and early for a change.

There was not much action early on until Declan arrived a little late. Having ante'd a few chips away he came in very aggressive and ended up losing his chips to Banksie quite quickly. Things slowed down again then and it was a few more levels before anyone else got into trouble. Normally I can remember most of the key hands but today my mind is scrambled through too many late nights. Banksie seemed to be getting the best of the action and Gerry was probably a close second. I was staedy on just over 7000 chips most of the way through, apart from AK second hand I saw no cards all night and missed every flop. I kept in by playing the people rather than my cards.

Gradually my stack diminished and I had about 3000 chips before every thing went my way four hands in row. I made a straight to Kev's top pair and for the life of me I can't remember the other hands! It ended heads up between me and Banksie. I was outchipped by 2:1 and got my second pocket pair of the night - sixes. I raised all in and he called with J 2 suited ! I doubled through and then chipped away at him until he was down to 6000 when I put him in with Q 10. Unfortunately he picked up AQ and doubled up. After about 10 hands with no action I pushed in again with A7 suited and he called with Qx. A queen hit and we both had exactly the same amount of chips and decided to take €300 each.

We then started a second game. €50 in with only 5000 chips and 50/100 starting blinds. We shortened the clock and kicked off with 8 players this time. I was still getting no cards and with the speedy structure of the game I decided to have a go at Jac Arama style raising and betting everything. I almost doubled my chips without a showdown in two early pots and started betting heavily on any flop I had a small piece of.
Against Gerry, Sean Paul and Banksie I came from behind to knock them all out. Hitting two pair twice and making my up and down straight draw. I had almost 25,000 of the 40000 in play when we were down to four.
Declan got a bit wise to my moves and got a few chips off me when I min raised his 1500 bet on the river with a possible flush out there. I know he had nothing, but I only had 72 and couldn't call his all in. I was hoping the raise would look like a milker compared to the bigger bets I had been making. Fair play for him not believing it!
By the time I had eliminated Paul in third with KJ vs K6 there was not too much in it and it was 3am so Deco and I decided to do another split and I got in the Van I borrowed to deliver the table and drove the hour home happy with my €350 profit.
I was very happy with my play as the best starting hands I had all night were KK once - no action. AK twice, AQ,99 and 66 !
I am going to take a new table to all the games I play in from now on!

Stay Lucky!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Getting better.

Things have started to improve on the poker front over the last couple of days. Frustrated by cards I decided to go back to the $1.71 challenge and try some STT's. If you have read previous posts you will know that the funds had dropped back down to $30 from a high of $160. 3 STT later and it was back over $100 thanks to 2 firsts and a fourth. The last one was a $15 entry and the cards were acting nicely to me for a change. Going into the last five I was the shortstack and found 10,10 UTG and went All in. I was called in two spots and they both had AK, none of the four remaning A's & K's hit and I tripled up. From then on all my hands held up and it was about 15 hands until I was the victor.

That was Monday night and Tuesday I was unable to get a game in. Last night I was out but logged on at 1am when I arrived home and entered a $30 Pokerstars MTT. There were 500 runners and I noticed fellow blogger Doubleas was playing. Unfortunately I never got to say Hi, as when I found his table he had been crippled when out kicked with Trip Queens and had just exited.

I played a solid tight aggressive game and halfway through I was average in chips. I noticed on my stats at this point I had seen 21% of flops. I had won over 60% of the flops I had seen, nearly all without a showdown. In fact the only one I had lost was when trying to knock out a shortstack who hit a flush on the river to beat my straight.

From here I dropped back slightly when I missed a couple of flops and was set All in both times with no chance I could call, this dropped me back down to 2500 chips and almost half the average. I had had no premium cards up to this point and then the all came in a rush. It started when I was dealt A 10 of hearts two hands in a row. It was getting late and I decided to either get in a winning chip postion or bust out and get some sleep. I raised all in both times and was called both times by small pocket pairs. I made AA first hand and two pair the second and was now up to over 10k. Soon after this was over 20k when I made a bad call after the turn with trip 6's and needed the board to pair to beat a straight. It duly obliged pairing tens on the river. I then had AK 3 times within 4 hands and AA a couple later. I only got action on one of the AK with which I knocked out another small stack, although I showed the AA and another AK which seemed to give the table a lot of respect for all the raises I made afterwards, most went completely unchallenged and I was able to increase my stack steadily without making any hands.

Every time one of my preflop raises's was called, a bet on the flop was usually enough. Looking at my stats I had now won 9/11 showdowns and 22 other pots without a showdown. I took second posistion on the leader board when I picked up a pair of Queens and another lady joined them for afternoon tea on the flop. Some one bet all in for another 15,000 chips with a flush draw, luckily the board paired nines on the turn as the river brought the flush.

Chip leader had 50% more chips than me, 3rd had nearly 50% less so I was feeling confident with 52 left. As the money approached I stole the blinds 4 times in a row and hit over 60,000 of the 750,000 in play. Hardly any of my preflop raise were getting called now, I had been on the same table for most of the tournament. The ones that were were with premium hands and I lost a few races against the shortstacks but all the raising kept my chips level.

Down to the last 18 and I was still second in chips although a lot of the smaller stacks were taking each other out and there was not much in in, there was over 7000 in each pot before the flop, so if a really shortstack won a hand they were right back in it. The player to my right had built a reasonable stack and when he raised my small blind whilst I was sitting on the Cowboys I thought this was my day. When I put him all in I was even more pleased to see he had K10 so I was over 85% to win the hand. Why he was prepared to risk all his chips on such a hand when he was in a good position I don't know, but suffice to say he got lucky with a flush on the river and I was back amongst the pack.

With all the closing in of the field I found myself 13/13 with still 25000 chips, but the blinds were now 3000/6000 with a running ante and I knew I would need to double up soon. When we were down to the last 10 I was still last and UTG I went with a weak Ace and was called by the chip leader ( who was all in as a shortstack many times until the late stages ). He hit a card and I didnt and that was it. Over 3hrs over good play for a measly $165!

I think the key hand was when my Kings were cracked, I had been lucky once earlier so I can't really moan too much. At least if I can get this far through the field in the Bahamas the payout will be a bit better!

Kev and Declan represented the Friday game in the Merrion on Tuesday in the $100 freezeout. Deco just missed the money and Kev made 4th for his 3rd recent cash in the event.
Hopefully I can improve on my third last week in the game tommorrow.

Monday, December 06, 2004

The downward spiral continues....

I tried a couple of the turbo $10 qualifiers for the Pokerstars $215 Sunday tournament and each time bombed out just after the rebuys when my dominating hand was cracked. AK vs AQ and QQ vs JJ. With the cards running like this I was not going to pay the $215 in, that is until I entered a STT for the $1.71 challenge and won it with such ease. I went into the heads up outchipped 2:1 and proceeded to win 23/25 of the hands, only losing twice when outdrawn, having him Allin low chipped. Third time I had whittle him down and flopped a set to his TPTK and game over. This got my confidence back up and I gave the big one a shot. Bad Move..

After winning the first small pot I entered, I found myself whittled down to half my starting chips. A couple of reraise preflop with KK & AK got me back up to 2500 but I was starting to get frustrated again and found my self calling off half my chips chasing the nut flush draw which never came.

I got lucky when my AJ hit TPTK and called All in against a set. K Q on turn and river gave me a straight to beat the trip 10's but I was still well below average. I made my final stand with AQ vs A9 but as usual a 9 came and I was out in with still over a 1000 runners left of the 2053 entries.

This should have been a sign to go to bed but I stayed up stewing whilst watching the badly produced Pacific Poker Open. I logged into Coral and entered a $50 NL game and after keeping my patience committed my chips after a rainbow flop which was contested four way. I had a draw to the nut straight but it never came!

This afternoon I decided to go back to the STT on Coral/Party to build back up my depleted bankroll and proceeded to finish 4th in all 3! All 3 races I was ahead going in and behind at the end!

Delighted to see some other bloggers having some luck though, Milkybarkid and Hectorjelly having a great run at the moment.

All will turn around I am sure, hopefully around January the 6th when hopefully all my hands hold up and when I am behind I am the one sucking out on the river! Looking like it's going to be a big event as over 200 have already qualified online, including WCOOP winner Ragde who I was playing in a tournament the other night. Sat at our table also were Mr Steal and ItsButta who have also quailified! Josh Arieh is among the Pro's who have paid in.

Link Request !!!

At the moment I am setting up a website dedicated to poker. It will contain links to all the best stuff on the web about 'the beautiful game'. If you know of any gems out there the please let me know in the comments section.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Damn cowboys!

This is not usually a blog of bad beats or bad luck, but today I must make an exception just to work it out of my system.

Last night I was in the Pokerstars $50 and running well until just before the money. With 50 left out of the 350 who started I was sitting in 37th position. I was the second short stack on the table and had survived a couple of close calls before the cards dried up and I found myself being blinded away. I pick up 99 on the button and pushed in. I would have been happy to take the blinds at this point, but a race would have been OK, I needed to double up to stand any kind of chance. Lo and behold the Big Blind calls and turns up KK and with another K on the flop I was doomed.

Today in the VC $18 rebuy I found myself in 3rd with 18 left, only 9 got paid. This was the chance I was looking for to get the $1.71 challenge back on track. In fact if I won it I would only be $100 short of the $1000 target. Unfortunately the cards dried up at the wrong time and with the table of seven the blinds ate me away down to 11th out of 12 remaining. an UTG raise stole me the blinds and moved me up to 10th. but I still couldn't wait to slip into the money. The challenge fund is nearly gone so I could have done with the $83 for 9th.
Next hand I found myself looking down at QQ in the BB. UTG raised half his stack. The warning bells went off, however I had seen him do this with A7o and small pocket pairs. Without seeing this I would have let the ladies go. Unfortunatley it was the Cowboys again and they stampeded my ladies when a third hit the flop.
The shortstack challenge is now desperately low at only $30, I shouldn't really of entered this tournament with such a small bankroll, but I figure a big win is on the cards at VC. It has more calling stations than Party Poker! And that is saying something! The biggest danger here is getting one of the inevitable bad beats at the wrong time. I have yet to play a Multi on this site without some calling off a large stack of chips on a gutshot draw or overcards to a paired flop.
I suppose it's back to the $3 STT to build up a fund to get into some more of these rebuy tournaments. So far I have entered 4 and only rebought once in total, each time I have been within a table of the dough.

WPT time is exactly a month away now, the last month since qualifying seems to have dragged on forever so I hope this one goes a bit quicker!

Stay Lucky

Saturday, December 04, 2004

A night of hands

The Friday game was back on last night and a respectable 14 players ante'd up a €100 to give us a €700, €400, €200, €100 payout. We started with 2 tables of 7 and played with a 25 minute clock, 6000 chips and 25/50 to start.

Within the first couple of rounds I picked up JJ,QQ*2,KK, AJ,AQ & AK. Not much action from them though, however I ended up at about 9500 chips after taking most down by the turn. The Kings turned into a boat full of tens on the flop and I managed to get one caller from my position bet. I was hoping for some more action but there was none forthcoming. By the time we got down to the table of 10 I had the most chips from our table - about 15,000. The other table had lost 3 players and there were 2 stacks about the same size as mine.

One of them was Sean Snr and he is a nightmare to play when he has chips and he soon had more taking out Peter early. He is very aggressive though and if you pick up a good hand behind him you can get a few chips off him. Players were dropping like wildfire and we were soon down to 6 and the blinds were still only 300/600.

I had lost a lot of my chips after raising preflop with A 10 and betting from postion on a flop of 2 3 4. A King came on the turn and Jerry moved in on me and I was unable to call. He had A 3!

Declan was next out his K 9 running into K J.

I picked up AK and put the next shortest stack to me all in, he called with AJ, no improvement and I was in the money. Twice I was All in against John with AK vs 77 and A3 vs A10. Both times I came from behind to win and soon after Jerry put him out and it was down to 3.

With some Aggressive short stack play I got up to almost average a couple of times before being knocked backed down again. Once when I raised with KK from the BB and was called by the SB who moved in on a flop of AJJ. I laid it down and he showed the A which would have knocked me out.
I had KK again soon after but went All in this time and got no action.

Before I describe the final hand, I have to mention the amount of massive hands. There were 3 pokers, two of them for Sean snr and way more than a fair share of high pocket pairs being dished out. There were also some good lay downs, especially from some of the newer players who would usually have gone bust. Huey laid down AA after a Board of JJxxx with Steve lying in wait with the other two Jacks!

Onto the big finale....

Blinds are up to 1500/3000 and everyone is watching waiting for the second game to start. I pick up AK in the BB and Sean limps in from the button. Jerry makes it 5000 more and I move in. Sean instantly announces he is All in too and then Jerry calls straight away!
Not really sure about Jerry's call here as he only had pocket fives and would have still been in good shape had he folded. Unless it was a split pot he would have been almost guaranteed 2nd.

Sean flipped over JJ and I thought I wasn't in that bad shape.

The First flop card is an Ace!

Oh yes!

The second card is.....

A Jack!

Oh No!

The third is a 5

Rubbing Jerry's nose in it!

So Sean wins the loot, Jerry has more chips so I finish 3rd

Steve is sacked as Dealer!

All in all it was a great nights poker, I am working today so I gave the €50 tournie a miss and drove home reflecting on what was almost a very profitable night.