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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Damn cowboys!

This is not usually a blog of bad beats or bad luck, but today I must make an exception just to work it out of my system.

Last night I was in the Pokerstars $50 and running well until just before the money. With 50 left out of the 350 who started I was sitting in 37th position. I was the second short stack on the table and had survived a couple of close calls before the cards dried up and I found myself being blinded away. I pick up 99 on the button and pushed in. I would have been happy to take the blinds at this point, but a race would have been OK, I needed to double up to stand any kind of chance. Lo and behold the Big Blind calls and turns up KK and with another K on the flop I was doomed.

Today in the VC $18 rebuy I found myself in 3rd with 18 left, only 9 got paid. This was the chance I was looking for to get the $1.71 challenge back on track. In fact if I won it I would only be $100 short of the $1000 target. Unfortunately the cards dried up at the wrong time and with the table of seven the blinds ate me away down to 11th out of 12 remaining. an UTG raise stole me the blinds and moved me up to 10th. but I still couldn't wait to slip into the money. The challenge fund is nearly gone so I could have done with the $83 for 9th.
Next hand I found myself looking down at QQ in the BB. UTG raised half his stack. The warning bells went off, however I had seen him do this with A7o and small pocket pairs. Without seeing this I would have let the ladies go. Unfortunatley it was the Cowboys again and they stampeded my ladies when a third hit the flop.
The shortstack challenge is now desperately low at only $30, I shouldn't really of entered this tournament with such a small bankroll, but I figure a big win is on the cards at VC. It has more calling stations than Party Poker! And that is saying something! The biggest danger here is getting one of the inevitable bad beats at the wrong time. I have yet to play a Multi on this site without some calling off a large stack of chips on a gutshot draw or overcards to a paired flop.
I suppose it's back to the $3 STT to build up a fund to get into some more of these rebuy tournaments. So far I have entered 4 and only rebought once in total, each time I have been within a table of the dough.

WPT time is exactly a month away now, the last month since qualifying seems to have dragged on forever so I hope this one goes a bit quicker!

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