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Monday, December 06, 2004

The downward spiral continues....

I tried a couple of the turbo $10 qualifiers for the Pokerstars $215 Sunday tournament and each time bombed out just after the rebuys when my dominating hand was cracked. AK vs AQ and QQ vs JJ. With the cards running like this I was not going to pay the $215 in, that is until I entered a STT for the $1.71 challenge and won it with such ease. I went into the heads up outchipped 2:1 and proceeded to win 23/25 of the hands, only losing twice when outdrawn, having him Allin low chipped. Third time I had whittle him down and flopped a set to his TPTK and game over. This got my confidence back up and I gave the big one a shot. Bad Move..

After winning the first small pot I entered, I found myself whittled down to half my starting chips. A couple of reraise preflop with KK & AK got me back up to 2500 but I was starting to get frustrated again and found my self calling off half my chips chasing the nut flush draw which never came.

I got lucky when my AJ hit TPTK and called All in against a set. K Q on turn and river gave me a straight to beat the trip 10's but I was still well below average. I made my final stand with AQ vs A9 but as usual a 9 came and I was out in with still over a 1000 runners left of the 2053 entries.

This should have been a sign to go to bed but I stayed up stewing whilst watching the badly produced Pacific Poker Open. I logged into Coral and entered a $50 NL game and after keeping my patience committed my chips after a rainbow flop which was contested four way. I had a draw to the nut straight but it never came!

This afternoon I decided to go back to the STT on Coral/Party to build back up my depleted bankroll and proceeded to finish 4th in all 3! All 3 races I was ahead going in and behind at the end!

Delighted to see some other bloggers having some luck though, Milkybarkid and Hectorjelly having a great run at the moment.

All will turn around I am sure, hopefully around January the 6th when hopefully all my hands hold up and when I am behind I am the one sucking out on the river! Looking like it's going to be a big event as over 200 have already qualified online, including WCOOP winner Ragde who I was playing in a tournament the other night. Sat at our table also were Mr Steal and ItsButta who have also quailified! Josh Arieh is among the Pro's who have paid in.

Link Request !!!

At the moment I am setting up a website dedicated to poker. It will contain links to all the best stuff on the web about 'the beautiful game'. If you know of any gems out there the please let me know in the comments section.