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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Getting better.

Things have started to improve on the poker front over the last couple of days. Frustrated by cards I decided to go back to the $1.71 challenge and try some STT's. If you have read previous posts you will know that the funds had dropped back down to $30 from a high of $160. 3 STT later and it was back over $100 thanks to 2 firsts and a fourth. The last one was a $15 entry and the cards were acting nicely to me for a change. Going into the last five I was the shortstack and found 10,10 UTG and went All in. I was called in two spots and they both had AK, none of the four remaning A's & K's hit and I tripled up. From then on all my hands held up and it was about 15 hands until I was the victor.

That was Monday night and Tuesday I was unable to get a game in. Last night I was out but logged on at 1am when I arrived home and entered a $30 Pokerstars MTT. There were 500 runners and I noticed fellow blogger Doubleas was playing. Unfortunately I never got to say Hi, as when I found his table he had been crippled when out kicked with Trip Queens and had just exited.

I played a solid tight aggressive game and halfway through I was average in chips. I noticed on my stats at this point I had seen 21% of flops. I had won over 60% of the flops I had seen, nearly all without a showdown. In fact the only one I had lost was when trying to knock out a shortstack who hit a flush on the river to beat my straight.

From here I dropped back slightly when I missed a couple of flops and was set All in both times with no chance I could call, this dropped me back down to 2500 chips and almost half the average. I had had no premium cards up to this point and then the all came in a rush. It started when I was dealt A 10 of hearts two hands in a row. It was getting late and I decided to either get in a winning chip postion or bust out and get some sleep. I raised all in both times and was called both times by small pocket pairs. I made AA first hand and two pair the second and was now up to over 10k. Soon after this was over 20k when I made a bad call after the turn with trip 6's and needed the board to pair to beat a straight. It duly obliged pairing tens on the river. I then had AK 3 times within 4 hands and AA a couple later. I only got action on one of the AK with which I knocked out another small stack, although I showed the AA and another AK which seemed to give the table a lot of respect for all the raises I made afterwards, most went completely unchallenged and I was able to increase my stack steadily without making any hands.

Every time one of my preflop raises's was called, a bet on the flop was usually enough. Looking at my stats I had now won 9/11 showdowns and 22 other pots without a showdown. I took second posistion on the leader board when I picked up a pair of Queens and another lady joined them for afternoon tea on the flop. Some one bet all in for another 15,000 chips with a flush draw, luckily the board paired nines on the turn as the river brought the flush.

Chip leader had 50% more chips than me, 3rd had nearly 50% less so I was feeling confident with 52 left. As the money approached I stole the blinds 4 times in a row and hit over 60,000 of the 750,000 in play. Hardly any of my preflop raise were getting called now, I had been on the same table for most of the tournament. The ones that were were with premium hands and I lost a few races against the shortstacks but all the raising kept my chips level.

Down to the last 18 and I was still second in chips although a lot of the smaller stacks were taking each other out and there was not much in in, there was over 7000 in each pot before the flop, so if a really shortstack won a hand they were right back in it. The player to my right had built a reasonable stack and when he raised my small blind whilst I was sitting on the Cowboys I thought this was my day. When I put him all in I was even more pleased to see he had K10 so I was over 85% to win the hand. Why he was prepared to risk all his chips on such a hand when he was in a good position I don't know, but suffice to say he got lucky with a flush on the river and I was back amongst the pack.

With all the closing in of the field I found myself 13/13 with still 25000 chips, but the blinds were now 3000/6000 with a running ante and I knew I would need to double up soon. When we were down to the last 10 I was still last and UTG I went with a weak Ace and was called by the chip leader ( who was all in as a shortstack many times until the late stages ). He hit a card and I didnt and that was it. Over 3hrs over good play for a measly $165!

I think the key hand was when my Kings were cracked, I had been lucky once earlier so I can't really moan too much. At least if I can get this far through the field in the Bahamas the payout will be a bit better!

Kev and Declan represented the Friday game in the Merrion on Tuesday in the $100 freezeout. Deco just missed the money and Kev made 4th for his 3rd recent cash in the event.
Hopefully I can improve on my third last week in the game tommorrow.