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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Mixing it up

Thursday night had a bash at the Omaha on Pokerstars as I didn't fancy another late tournament night. I managed to turn my initial $85 buy in into $220 before calling it a night. I just played every cheap flop and won a few small pots and also won and lost a few big ones! I don't know how people can play this game all the time but it was good fun all the same.

Friday was the home game and Kev, Steve and I had a little suprise for the regular hosts. Myself and a good friend - Barry the builder, had built a full size holdem table complete with leather padded rail by way of a christmas thankyou for running the game every week. It seemed to go down well and now when we have a big turnout we won't have to make a second table out of two small ones.

Only seven showed for the first game which is the lowest turnout for months. It was the usual €100 in and we started with 7000 chips and blinds of 25/50. We ran a 25 minute clock to give plenty of play and things got off and running nice and early for a change.

There was not much action early on until Declan arrived a little late. Having ante'd a few chips away he came in very aggressive and ended up losing his chips to Banksie quite quickly. Things slowed down again then and it was a few more levels before anyone else got into trouble. Normally I can remember most of the key hands but today my mind is scrambled through too many late nights. Banksie seemed to be getting the best of the action and Gerry was probably a close second. I was staedy on just over 7000 chips most of the way through, apart from AK second hand I saw no cards all night and missed every flop. I kept in by playing the people rather than my cards.

Gradually my stack diminished and I had about 3000 chips before every thing went my way four hands in row. I made a straight to Kev's top pair and for the life of me I can't remember the other hands! It ended heads up between me and Banksie. I was outchipped by 2:1 and got my second pocket pair of the night - sixes. I raised all in and he called with J 2 suited ! I doubled through and then chipped away at him until he was down to 6000 when I put him in with Q 10. Unfortunately he picked up AQ and doubled up. After about 10 hands with no action I pushed in again with A7 suited and he called with Qx. A queen hit and we both had exactly the same amount of chips and decided to take €300 each.

We then started a second game. €50 in with only 5000 chips and 50/100 starting blinds. We shortened the clock and kicked off with 8 players this time. I was still getting no cards and with the speedy structure of the game I decided to have a go at Jac Arama style raising and betting everything. I almost doubled my chips without a showdown in two early pots and started betting heavily on any flop I had a small piece of.
Against Gerry, Sean Paul and Banksie I came from behind to knock them all out. Hitting two pair twice and making my up and down straight draw. I had almost 25,000 of the 40000 in play when we were down to four.
Declan got a bit wise to my moves and got a few chips off me when I min raised his 1500 bet on the river with a possible flush out there. I know he had nothing, but I only had 72 and couldn't call his all in. I was hoping the raise would look like a milker compared to the bigger bets I had been making. Fair play for him not believing it!
By the time I had eliminated Paul in third with KJ vs K6 there was not too much in it and it was 3am so Deco and I decided to do another split and I got in the Van I borrowed to deliver the table and drove the hour home happy with my €350 profit.
I was very happy with my play as the best starting hands I had all night were KK once - no action. AK twice, AQ,99 and 66 !
I am going to take a new table to all the games I play in from now on!

Stay Lucky!