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Saturday, December 04, 2004

A night of hands

The Friday game was back on last night and a respectable 14 players ante'd up a €100 to give us a €700, €400, €200, €100 payout. We started with 2 tables of 7 and played with a 25 minute clock, 6000 chips and 25/50 to start.

Within the first couple of rounds I picked up JJ,QQ*2,KK, AJ,AQ & AK. Not much action from them though, however I ended up at about 9500 chips after taking most down by the turn. The Kings turned into a boat full of tens on the flop and I managed to get one caller from my position bet. I was hoping for some more action but there was none forthcoming. By the time we got down to the table of 10 I had the most chips from our table - about 15,000. The other table had lost 3 players and there were 2 stacks about the same size as mine.

One of them was Sean Snr and he is a nightmare to play when he has chips and he soon had more taking out Peter early. He is very aggressive though and if you pick up a good hand behind him you can get a few chips off him. Players were dropping like wildfire and we were soon down to 6 and the blinds were still only 300/600.

I had lost a lot of my chips after raising preflop with A 10 and betting from postion on a flop of 2 3 4. A King came on the turn and Jerry moved in on me and I was unable to call. He had A 3!

Declan was next out his K 9 running into K J.

I picked up AK and put the next shortest stack to me all in, he called with AJ, no improvement and I was in the money. Twice I was All in against John with AK vs 77 and A3 vs A10. Both times I came from behind to win and soon after Jerry put him out and it was down to 3.

With some Aggressive short stack play I got up to almost average a couple of times before being knocked backed down again. Once when I raised with KK from the BB and was called by the SB who moved in on a flop of AJJ. I laid it down and he showed the A which would have knocked me out.
I had KK again soon after but went All in this time and got no action.

Before I describe the final hand, I have to mention the amount of massive hands. There were 3 pokers, two of them for Sean snr and way more than a fair share of high pocket pairs being dished out. There were also some good lay downs, especially from some of the newer players who would usually have gone bust. Huey laid down AA after a Board of JJxxx with Steve lying in wait with the other two Jacks!

Onto the big finale....

Blinds are up to 1500/3000 and everyone is watching waiting for the second game to start. I pick up AK in the BB and Sean limps in from the button. Jerry makes it 5000 more and I move in. Sean instantly announces he is All in too and then Jerry calls straight away!
Not really sure about Jerry's call here as he only had pocket fives and would have still been in good shape had he folded. Unless it was a split pot he would have been almost guaranteed 2nd.

Sean flipped over JJ and I thought I wasn't in that bad shape.

The First flop card is an Ace!

Oh yes!

The second card is.....

A Jack!

Oh No!

The third is a 5

Rubbing Jerry's nose in it!

So Sean wins the loot, Jerry has more chips so I finish 3rd

Steve is sacked as Dealer!

All in all it was a great nights poker, I am working today so I gave the €50 tournie a miss and drove home reflecting on what was almost a very profitable night.