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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Party Poker rocks....

For myself and Sean snr anyway!

After messing about in some pot limit Omaha cash games, winning a bit and losing a bit, I decided to try some Party Poker tournaments. I have been playing tournaments on pokerstars recently but at the moment there is only WPT statellites running at a suitable time.

When logging on I noticed Sean was registered for the $100 tournie. I did not have enough in my account to join him as I had transferred him some for cash earlier in the week and I am trying not to redeposit anymore money. I kept the window open so I could check in how he was doing later.

First I entered the next $50 NL tournie and was gone before the first level overplaying AK after missing on the flop. Next up was an Omaha H/L which used up all my balance, I bust out of that on level three when I flopped a full house and ran into quads! With my balance gone I loaded up pokerstars and played some more Omaha whilst watching Sean in his tournament.

With about 40 left he was on 2000 chips, a few minutes later he was up to 5000 and above average. With the field dropping fast he began to move through the field and when his AA held up with 18 left he was above the average stack. He was picking a lot of people off with well timed reraises and easily made the final table where there were a few stacks the same size as his. There was one guy with 5* most stacks. It didn't seem to long that Sean had eliminated most of the others to end up heads up with a slight chip lead. First hand they ended up all in on an A high flop and his AQ held up over AJ for a nice $6.5k win. When he is in the mood he can certainly mix it with the best!

Inspired by his result I decided to top up my account and entered a $20 tournament with 1667 runners.

I dodged a bullet early on when with AK vs A10 the board read x A 10 10 with only the river to come. Luckily the case Ace popped up at 44-1 to save me! This was the only slice of luck I had throughout the rest of the tournament as played a very tight aggressive game and I had built up a 9000 chip stack from my initial 1000 by the time the bubble approached.

Trying to take advantage of the players trying to drift into the money and make a $4 profit I lost half of it when one of the loser players called with A10 clubs vs my AKo. When the flop came A High I called his All in bet and lo and behold two clubs appeared to give him the pot!

Once we were in the money I had the cards to pick off players as the game loosened back up and was soon up to over 40000 when KK held up twice and AK once within a couple of rounds. It is amazing how many players on this site are willing to put an above average stack on the line with Ax ! Now I was in position to make the final table but the cards went completely quiet and every time I was in a postion to steal I had rubbish or some else had put in a big raise.

I tried to take out the big blind from the small blind three times in a row and ran into pocket tens twice and AQ which all held up against my small pairs and an A10. Down to 9000 and blinds of 3000,6000 I finally got a hand in KK again and it held up as two stacks checked down my raise. I had been on table two for ages and now I had chips again my tight image helped as I stole my way back into contention before being cut in half when I flopped a set of eights from the small blind only to find someone had limped with the ladies and made a set also.

By now it was 6 am and I had been playing this tournie for 4 hrs and stood to get only $250 if i missed the final table! I managed to bluff a few flops after limping and missing and then AK hit against pocket sevens and I was at the final table 4th in chips with over 250,000.

By now blinds were 15,000 and 30,000 so everyone was a shortstack and almost every pot was won before the flop with a raise. I blew off half my chips when I made top pair when a K hit the turn, unfortunatley my opponent had paired his 6 as well as his King, a possible flush on the river saving me the rest of my chips.

Amongst all the too-ing and fro-ing I had the lead twice and was shortstack twice, I think everyone at the table was the same. Eventually I was left with 93,000 and was next on the Big blind which was now 40,000 and went in with KJ hoping top get lucky. The hand I never had all night (ok i had KK 3 times!) - the Rockets sent me packing in 6th for a healthy $1300. 65x my buy in almost exactly the same multiple as Sean won!

I was more than satisfied as this was only about the 5th 1500+ runner event I have entered. I have finished just in the money twice and made 2 final tables as well winning over $6000 in the process.

3 weeks 'til the WPT in the Bahama's - They have just started re-runs on challenge TV at 10pm so will be watching them all looking for tells! I got one good note last night - reraise Paul Philips and he will fold the best hand and call when he has the worst! Fair play to him though, next time he made the final table he won it to set the record straight...