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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


My big poker adventure starts in just over a week. Last night I logged on to Pokerstars and saw that they are running the first part of the tournament in two halves. I am in the first half starting the day after we arrive. From the list of nicknames I can only see a few top pro's in this half, Hoyt Corkins, Erick Lindgren, Isabelle Mercier and TT Tran. The other half looks a bit tough with Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstien, Daniel Negreanu, Eric Siedel, Juha Helppi and Josh Arieh. So far so good !

Christmas day was also a bit spooky. I am not normally anywhere near superstitious but something strange was going on. At the meal we pulled our crackers and I managed to win a miniature pack of playing cards. Later on in the evening another box of crackers was opened and yet again I won the miniature cards ! I am considering using one of these as a marker for my cards in Atlantis !

Just a reminder, internet connection permitting, I will be keeping a diary of the WPT event at .

I have played a couple of tournaments online over the festive season and have made the money both times for a grand profit of $30 !! The first was a 1800+ Party Poker tournie and I managed to make it to 176th Position. Every time I got into a good position I was whacked by the gods of poker. Twice I had the nut straight and once the nut flush by the turn only for the board to pair on the river to give someone a boat and cripple me again. I finally put the last of my chips in with AQ and was called by J10 suited and Ace on the flop but running clubs on the turn and river and I was gone. The second was a VC rebuy. It was only $3 but first paid almost $500. I made it to the money and then picked up the rockets. The table chip leader went in before me and I called to find him with pocket 2's. I had seen the 2's hold up early and they did so again and I was out in 21st of 167.

The rockets have not been good to me lately, I have been having a go at limit poker and picked them up twice last night only to get an ace on the flop both times and still lose ! So 0/3 last in total, hopefully it will even out next week !

The $1.71 challenge is still going, although I am not giving it a great deal of attention at the moment. I am hovering around the $130 mark and am currently playing limit .50/1 with the odd small priced MTT thrown in for good measure.

If I don't manage to post again before the New Year I would like to wish everyone a GOOD ONE!

Also well done to fellow blogger Milkybarkid who has qualified for the EPT event in Deauville through Pokerstars. Also to the dealer at the Fitz whose real name I forget, who quailfied for the Copenhagen leg, online he is CrazyGrace !