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Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Atlantis Poker room massacre

Apologies for the late posting, the hotel has no travel adaptors for UK/Irish appliances so I have had to wait for one of the 4 computers in the Library to become free. I only have 15 mins so will have to be brief. A full trip report will follow as soon as I can.

So I sat down on Day 2 as a shortstack with 9325 chips. 258 people had made it through in total out of 461 entries. This is more than double last years numbers. The total prize pool is almost $4million and first pays nearly $900,000. They are paying 80 places, the minimum payout is over $11,000.

I start on the button and I am drawn with 3 average to large stacks to my right. Mark Smyrski from my table yesterday is first to my right with over 25,000. Danny ' The Bruiser ' Ashman is next with over 40,000 and 'The Grinder follows him with almost 20,000. Daniel Larsson is at my table again three to my left. The other two players to my left have 10,000 and 17,000 respectively. The shortest stack is 7000.

First hand I pick up QQ and it raised to 1500 UTG by Daniel. No callers to me and I push All in and after some thought he folds a small pocket pair. Two hand later I get KQs and it is folded to me, I raise and pick up the blinds. When my big blind comes around I have pocket 5's and call a 1200 raise. Flop AKx, I check and fold to a pot size bet.

That was the last hand I played until over 70 players had hid the dirt. I had no hands and most pots were raised and reraised. Times up now I finished 187 will finish report later !