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Friday, January 07, 2005

Day one

So we arrived last night and went down to the Dig Deck for the Pokerstars Cocktail Reception.There was plenty of free drink and we made the most of it. We met a couple from Canada, Colin(Kanuck) and Donna, with them we made the most of Pokerstar's hospitality and much Vodka, rum and wine was consumed.Afterwards we made the 15 minute trek across the resort to the poker room. There is not normally poker at Atlantis so Pokerstars had to build a room from scratch.They have done a good job with well over 30 tables and a large projector screen for the tournaments.Colin entered the super satellite for $200 which attracted well over 200 entrants. He finished 50th which was not good enough for one of the 18 seats or $8000 cash on offer.I entered a $100 Sit and Go to get a feel for the place and was quickly up from 1500 chips to nearly 4000 without showing a hand. I had the goods most of the time !Then with 5 left it all went pearshaped, an ill-timed postflop bluff ran into a set and then AA was cracked when J10 made a straight. Finally AK failed to improve against 88 and it was time for bed.

The main event started late as the organisers struggled registering everyone in time. They have changed the process for tomorrows half.We finally kicked off at 1pm, an hour behind schedule. 10,000 chips to start and blinds of 25/50. The only player on my table I recognised was Daniel Larsson. I was on table 12 in seat 2 and he was in seat 5. We were due to play five 75 minutes levels today. I finished the first level on 1500 chips, AJ of hearts making a flush on the turn which i bet as the board had also paired.The next few levels I was up and down a few chips here and there. Every time I raised with a hand everyone folded. Everytime I called with a hand, I missed the flop completely and was forced out.The table was very tight and no-one was up or down much early on.At the end of level 4 I was down to 6000 chips. Mostly due to losing 2000 when I re-raised a button raise from the small blind with AK. Yet again the flop missed me completely and I was put all in post flop. I couldn't call and was now one of the short stacks on the table.
Three hands into the fifth level, blinds 150,300 with a 50 ante, I flat called a 600 raise on the button with JJ (my biggest PP so far). The flop came 336 and it was check to me and I bet the pot. It was called only by the initial raiser. Next card was a 7 and I bet 3000 of my last 4000 and he set me in. I had to call and was relieved when he showed pocket 8's and I doubled up.

Shortly after that I picked up the hooks again in a five was unraised pot. The flop and turn was Q high with no flush or straight. I put no-one on a Q when it was checked around and when the turn was rag I called a 500 bet along with 2 more players. River was rag and it was checked around and my Jacks stood up again!This was the high point of the day and I finished the level down at 12600. Just before the level finished they announced the 6th level would also be played today and after much argument it was decided it would be a 45 minute level. Blinds were 200,400 with a 75 ante. I picked up not one hand to play this level and I finished the day on 9325 chips.
201 players started today and 117 or so are left. The highest stack on my table was 38,000. Daniel Larsson has about 25,000 along with a couple of others. We lost 3 players all day and we saw the rockets at least 6 times, to my knowledge they were not cracked all day. Bad beat of the day, A french guy to my left tried to knock out a shortstack with KK and was beaten by A10 when two tens flopped.My best hand was KK which I raised and everybody folded. Other than the flush I made nothing higher than a pair when I saw the flop.I made the right play everytime today, I just could not hit the flop when called or calling. Daniel was easily the best player on the table and made some strong moves on scary boards. The table chip leader hit at least three nut flushes and the rockets twice.Other notable players still in are Chris Moneymaker, John Juanda and Carlos Mortenson. I chatted briefly with Surinder Sunar and also Daniel when on breaks and the both seemed like nice guys. Also at my table everyone bar one annoying loud American played in excellent spirit.
Catherine spoke to Chris Moneymaker and told him not to knock me out. He looked bemused when he asked who I was and she told him I wasn't even on his table!
All in all, I have enjoyed the experience so far. I am not entirely happy with my chip postion though and will have to double up early on Saturday when the two halves combine. It is still 75 minute levels and blinds are 300,600 with a 100 ante.
I have forgotten my camera lead so no pictures to post yet, I will try and borrow one to upload what we have taken so far. The resort is fabulous and I am looking forward to a day by the pool in the late 20's heat !
Apologies for the formatting I had to write in notepad as the Dail up is so expensive!