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Friday, January 21, 2005

Heads up

I still can't overcome the luck factor in the Turbo STT on stars so I ventured into a new arena - Heads up matches. So far I have played 8 at the $20 level and am undefeated, when moving up to $50 I am 2 wins - 3 losses. Biggest comeback was when down to 300 chips and so far no match has gone any further than 3 levels and I have only gone all in once with a substantial amount of chips pre flop, AKs running into AA in a $50. I had been raising a lot pre flop and this was the first time he had come back at me rather than call so I should have known better !

No poker tonight though it is time for a few drinks, hopefuly tomorrow nights France Quailifier will go well and I will get a shot at the European Pro's in February.