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Friday, January 14, 2005

The massacre part II and Trip summary

It is 4 o'clock in the morning the day after our return to Ireland and jet lad has officially kicked in. We arrived home at 5pm yesterday and I have spent most of the time sleeping, hence me being wide awake now! At last I have some time and access to finish off my trip report.

I left off after my third hand played on day two and I had around 13000 chips. We started playing the last 30 mins of level 6 which was 200/400 with 75 ante. By the time the level finished I had posted another BB & SB and had not played a hand so was down to under 12000. This was still more than I started the day with but the blinds were now 300/600 with a 100 ante so it was 1900 a round to play.

Players were falling at a rate of nearly 1 per minute and soon from a starting 258 on day 2 there was less than 200 left. My table had seen its fair share of casualties. 'The Grinder' took out 4 people in less than a round. KK and AA taking out two players each and he was table chip leader with over 75,000. He lost a big pot vs Daniel Larsson when whe came back over the top with QQ and Daniel called with AK and made Kings full.

I was finding it impossible to make a move. Each side of the table there were large stacks raising and re raising each pot and every hand I had in postion was unplayable. At one time I had 7 2,8 2, 9 2 , 7 2 and 10 2 in consectutive hands !

Daniel Negreanu took the seat to my left when a player was eliminated and he was soon chirping away even though he was not playing many pots with his less than average stack of around 20k.

I had let myself get down to 5200 chips when I picked up AJ of clubs third to act. Danny Ashman had made it 1500 to go from UTG, Mark Smyrski folded and I moved all my chips into the middle. He had been rasing with any two face cards and when he was the only caller with KQ I found myself a 60/40 facourite to double up.

The flop came K 10 J all red and with no more Jacks or Queens coming on the turn or river I made an exit in 187th place. By the end of the day over 200 more players had been eliminated.
At the end of Sunday 9 remained and it took only 1hr and 15 min on Monday for the final 6 to be decided.

Suprisingly I felt quite calm and relieved when I went out. I am confident I did about the best anyone could with the cards I was dealt. I made a couple of good laydowns which on another day I may not have made. I was shown trips vs my top two both times.

Summary of hands dealt

I was dealt KK once - all folded to my small raise in late postion
QQ once - hand described above
JJ twice - held up to the river twice
AK 3 times - twice won blinds. Once I reraised a possible blind steal and lost a couple of thousand chips when up against AA !
AJ/AQ 4 times - won medium pot with flush, blinds once and laid down top two vs a set post flop and also this was my exit hand!
A10 3 time - won blinds twice - laid down top two vs set once.
88 first hand of tournament - folded after a A high flop had a bet and a call, 8 came on river but was early on and correct move was to fold after flop with two overcards and action.
55 once in BB and called raise to fold to a bet on AKx flop
22,33,44 once each in late position - unplayable as each time there was a raise and reraise ahead of me.
Suited connectors - 10,7 twice, managed to limp but missed flop completely both times.
Junk hands - way too many to count !

Other poker action

I played in two $100 Sit and gos and finished 5th twice.
I also played two $300 tournaments and after doubling up early in both without showing a hand I was crippled in both holding the nuts on the turn only for some one to suck out and river first a flush then a full house. The second one I was knocked out by Tom McEvoy who sat down in the small blind on my big blind after arriving late and took my last 50 chips with 10 7 vs my 78 !

Strangest moment 1

I was sitting on the toilet reading a local paper someone had kindly left behind and started reading an article on the tournament and found myself reading about a certain Mike Lacey from Ireland who had qualified for $160 !

Strangest moment 2

I was temporarily barred from the casino because they thought I was dealer in the poker tournament (I was wearing Pokerstars Polo Shirt along with about 50 other gamblers I could see in casiono!) and therefore prohibited by Bahamain law from gambling!

Casino Gaming

After deciding I needed a break from poker I played a bit of Caribbean stud and Let it ride and overall made a profit of about $800 plus 3 nights of free drinks. Total and utter gambling but good fun! Saw a crazy beat in Caribbean Stud when a guy from Boston played KKAQ2 and dealer had KKAQ3 ! Then two hands later he played a hand blind, the dealer quailified and he flipped over Four jacks for a $1500 score. This hand may have been mine as Colin and I decided to leave and this was the first hand dealt without us and would have been mine had both of us stayed !
Catherine became addicted to a nickel slot called Power Slotto and I became a mini addict myself as well to this and Video poker . We won about the same as we lost on these and quailified for a lovely Atlantis beach towel with our slot points - High rollers or what ?

Stars spotted

Excluding all the top poker players

Michael Jordan playing blackjack for 10,000 a hand, three hands at a time.
Rick Fox playing Caribbean stud.
Barry Bonds walking around resort.

Great people met

Colin and Donna whom we spent a lot of time with. Colin is one of the top players on the Canadian circuit which has a lot of 300+ runner $500 and $1000 events - I see a trip to Canada coming soon.

Jerry 'Sophieday' Lotterman III. Played on my table the first day and on many of the same Caribbean Stud tables - Some heads up Pokerstars action looming.

Vinnie Lawrence - Every time I raised a pot it seemed to be on his blind !

Mark Smyrski - Sat next to him on Day 1 & 2 and glad to see him make last 30.

Spiro 'Lucky55' and wife Jenny. Spiro finished 17th and it was his wife who taught me caribeean stud.

Ronnie, Annie and all of the gang from Norway.

Resort rating

Poker aside this was a fantastic holiday and I could not recommend Atlantis enough. It is a beautiful, clean and well run resort with plenty to keep everyone entertained. It can however be very expensive. A five minute phone call home was $40 and you need at least $100 per person a day just to eat. When I have a bit more time then I will put all these reports up on Clanpoker including photo's.

Now I have to go and try to get back to noramlity !

Stay Lucky !