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Monday, January 03, 2005

A New year to end the year...

As we see in the new year it is drawing to the end of my first year in poker and my biggest test yet is a mere three days away. I am finding it difficult to think about anything other than the Bahamas and the WPT. Even Catherine is having trouble sleeping !

It is merely the fact that such a huge sum of money is closer than it ever has been before in my life. I cannot expect to win, but I will be doing my best to win. Of course like many others it is more likely that I will bust out on the first day than to get to the final table. As long as I have done my best I will be happy. If I am busted on a 40:1 shot on the river I will be happy. If I have one of the moments of madness like I get sometimes in smaller stakes games I will be very unhappy!

Last night was the first home game for a while and we started earlier than usual to fit in 3 games as we were all hungry for some live action. The line up was as follows:
Myself, Deco, Sean Paul, Kev, Steve (Tiny Tim), Anto, Sean Snr, Joe, Pat, Jerry and his brother Brendan.

Everything was going well in the first game, I slowly built up my chips, the deck was hitting me in the face for the first couple of levels. In a multiway raised pot I hit a straight on the flop and after a bet and a call, my raise was big enough to get rid of any flushers. Things then started to dry up card wise, but I was still chip leader (just), when we were down to five.

I was still getting no cards and foolishly called a raise from Deco with K9 suited and when the flop came Q high I bet out 3000 into a 4000 pot. He only had 4000 or so left so he was allin or nothing. I thought the flop had missed him and he wouldn't be able to call. I was right, it had missed him, however he correctly deduced I had no Queen and that his pocket jacks were good !
A few hands later I lost another 4000 or so when I was allowed to see a JJ5 flop from the big blind holding a 5. I made a small bet to see where it was and it was called by Deco. It was checked to the river where another 5 fell and I was sure I was beat but for some reason bet another 1000 and felt I had to call the other 1000 he raised me in order to find what I already knew !

By then I was low chipped and Deco took the rest of my chips when I went in with cards I forget now but were marginal favourites. I was just destined to give him all my chips. He went on from having 2000 chips to splitting the pot with Joe. Jerry finished 3rd.

The second game had a faster structure and there was a lot more gambling going on. I lost almost half my chips trying to bully Deco out of a pot with a pretty looking but useless KQs. Then a few hands later I more than trebled up when I called a raise from Joe along with four others with JQ. The flop was JQ and Joe bet, Brendan called and I moved in. To my surprise they both called, Brendan with Qx and Joe with pocket Kings. No help for either and I was back in good position.

The blinds were rising pretty steeply and I had bled off to about starting chips (6000) when the blinds hit 800/1500 with still six left. I went All in with nothing twice in a row and picked up the blinds and without realising it the chip lead also ! If I had have noticed I had more chips than anyone I probably would not have done it for the third time in a row! As it was I did with KJ UTG and was promptly called by Kev with KK, he had 500 chips less than me and next hand my K6 never held up All in from the Big blind! Brendan went on to beat his brother into second place, Anto finished 3rd.

The third game I think I played my best poker and made into the last three with half the chips and up against Kev and Sean Paul. I say I played good poker but I made one bad move against Sean snr. With Four left I pushed All in on a K high board with K10. I had said before I did it that for a change he was playing big cards but I wanted to gamble. He had AK and I hit a 10 on the river to knock him out ! It was the only time I came from behind to win a hand all night, although plenty came from a short way behind to beat me!
This was a tough one and there were more flops seen than usual when down to the last three. This suits me and I was winning my fair share but could not finish anyone off ! Twice I lost big pots Allin pre flop and crawled back up to the chip lead. I am not superstitious but I think it was Karma that Sean Paul kept outdrawing me. Earlier in the game I had called with 22 and the board fell 663. He bet 600 into a 2000 pot and I knew he didn't have a six so I raised another 1200 and he folded after a bit of thought. I showed my 2's and he was a bit annoyed to say the least as he had pocket 7's.
I ended up finishing third as every attempt to knock out either when they were shortstacked backfired on me. I flopped two pair agaisnt Sean Paul's one, only thing was the board was all spades but I called his all in as it was for so little chips and of course the 4th spade hit to match his 6 of spades ! I lost more chips when I made a straight against Kev's higher straight. I was finally All in for my last 4000 with 8 10 against Kev with J10. I hit trip 8's on the flop but the turn and river were 7 9 to send me home down 1 buy in !

It was good to get 10 hours of live poker in before Thursday and I would like to thank everyone who has wished me well and I am determined to do well. It was especially good to get a phone call from Anthony Fagan who you may have seen on the WPT series two final table at Aruba giving me some tips !

My side of the draw is getting a bit tougher as late entries include Carlos Mortensen, John Juanda, Surinder Sunar, Kathy Leibert, Chris Moneymaker, David Williams, Howard Lederer and the Fossilman. If I do go out early it would be good to get to play with a few of these guys first, however it will be even better if I get to bust a few of them!

Hopefully I will be able to update this blog from there. There is Dial up in the hotel but I don't know if I will be able to use it with my Irish account. Apparently there is also WiFI access but I don't have my WiFi card for my laptop yet. If I can get good access there will be full reporting including pictures at Clanpoker . If you haven't checked the site out yet than have a look, it is starting to take shape and there are some articles up now from Ben Grundy AKA The Milkybarkid. More are promised from other good bloggers/writers.

Hope you all have a good New Year !