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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

This now officially a bad beat blog !

This is now getting hard to stomach, I know it will run my way just as much over the long run but short term I am getting killed whenever I get involved preflop with pocket pairs. I thought it had changed after playing 6 $25 NL turbo's last night and getting 3 firsts, 2 seconds and a third for a healthy profit. I never had AA, KK or QQ once in all of these and the worst beats were AK vs Ax both time when heads up with the chip lead !

However it has gone back to good old outdraw city this morning. So far I have played 3 and these are my exit hands :

KK vs QQ
QQ vs 1010
QQ vs 99

All in before the flop and each time a set flopped against me !
Odds of this happening are 64:1, I'm off to the bookies to find a longshot to lump some money on.

Anybody got any lucky charms for sale ?

It gets worse - 4th game AA vs 57 and you guessed it 346 on the flop ! over 300:1 now !