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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Turbo Turbo turbo

I have now played over 40 NL turbo's in 3 days and apart from the two runs into bad beat beat city I am enjoying them immensely. I am over my moaning now, it was just the worst run I have seen. I know in time it will even itself out but I am convinced it is skewing my ROI figures at the moment. I am going to continue on with the $25 ones where at the moment I am getting back 30%. The games are soft though that when all bad beats are averaged out over say 200 games I am sure I can get it up to 45%. I would have kept on at the $55 level but my bankroll is not big enough for the swings just yet. I think 20 buy ins is necessary for these turbo's as sometimes you need to take a chance due to the speed of them. If only I was rich enough not to have to withdraw all my big online wins for other stuff !