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Monday, January 17, 2005

What are the odds ?

I know it sounds like I am moaning, but the deck has been hitting me right where it hurts recently. Last night I started playing the $55 NL Turbo’s on Pokerstars. At first look they are a really soft game, although there are a few good players lurking for feed. It started of well with 2 wins and 2 seconds without getting many big hands, just playing good solid positional poker. On the back of this I entered the $215 Tournie. No complaints in that one apart from running KK into AA twice ! I came back from the first one but could not do it again and finished 1343 out of over 2200.

Then I went back to playing the turbo’s. As I was still suffering from jet lag and had slept all day so I ended up playing another 16 and only got one third ! This is the reason why:

AA vs Q5 and Q4 Board 109J8x
AA vs 22 and 2 flops
KK vs 99 and KK vs 88 and KK vs QQ set each time
KK ran into AA twice
AK vs Ax lost 3 times
99 vs 88 you guessed it an 8 flopped

Others were closer but I was ahead every other time bar one on my exit hands and the one I was behind was AJ vs KK and it took the proverbials by giving me an Ace on the flop only for a runner runner flush for the Kings !

I have dropped down to the $25’s tonight and am so far 2 wins for 2, hope that is not an omen. I am gonna play 100 of each in total and see where the land lies and if I can get an ROI of 40% I am getting a new desktop for the home with a big monitor and am gonna multitable 4 at a time. That works out at roughly $80/hr and will do nicely.

$1.71 update

This challenge has finally bitten the dust in the heated battlegrounds of the VC ½ Omaha tables. I worked it up to over $300 and blew it an entertaining afternoon, the table included a hungover Hectorjelly and also briefly Hyzepher from
Ah well it was fun while it lasted.

Pokerstars goodie bag

I forgot to mention on my trip report how good the Pokerstars goodie bag was. First of the bag was a large holdall with a disrceet Pokerstars logo and also embroidered with my name. Inside were 8 different tops including polo shirts, ice hocky tops, a nice WPT jacket and the obligatory T shirts. There was also a Sterling silver card protector, a Zippo luggage tag, a fan, a beach towel, a hat, flip flops and a $10 phone card. Thanks Pokerstars.

I also forgot to mention what a nice guy Lee Jones is. We got talking to him a few times on the trip and he always made time to answer our questions.

As I am finishing this I have just won my third in a row so maybe my luck is on the change !
Stay Lucky !