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Friday, January 28, 2005

What's happening ?

Not much really ! Still slogging away at the heads up on Stars. So far W20 L6 at $20, W3 L4 at $50 and L1 @$100 so a bit of way to go to make it profitable but having fun learning!

I played a few tournaments and every time I have got into good position by halfway and then had a dominating hand cracked as I push for more chips. Each time it was the first time I had called or gone All in pre flop, sooner or later one will hold up and a final table will be mine. So far this year my MTT is not so great, two just in the moneys other than the satellite wins. I am not too despondent as you only need a couple of final tables to reset the balance.

Other poker sites

I have cleaned up my links so that only the best of the other blogs and sites are there now.
There are some good new blogs and sites out there, if you haven't found them yet then here is a rundown of my favourites.

Blonde Poker

A new site run by Tony 'Tikay' Kendall and Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough. The tournament reports from Tikay are very colourful and the site is updated on a regular basis.

Antes up

Another new site aimed mainly at the Irish poker scene. Run by Tom Murphy a regular at The Fitzwilliam. Set to include profiles of all the lesser known Irish players.


Ben has just taken the decision to go Pro. Best of luck, should be entertaining reading how he gets on.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel's site has a lively forum and he is also very open in his blog which you can access through his site.

The Camel

Keith has at last hit a good run of form and he seems to be one the good guys of poker although his writing pulls no punches when necessary.

Terence Chan

Another pro's blog which is written well and frequently updated

Fifty outs

A german player who frequents a lot of major tournaments with his partner who also plays.

These are just some of the good reads out there, pretty much all the links to the left have some good posts/content in them. Have a look for yourselves when you have the time.