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Monday, February 28, 2005

I hate it when this happens..

Played in a $50 quailifier for the $500 Pokerstars tournament, over 240 players, 27 get a seat and I finish 30th ! Damn !
I played well enough, never had cards and had to build my chips without showing down hands. The key hand was with about 50 left I called a 3000 all in with AK. I had just over 10,000, if I win this I can probably fold to the seat. Unfortunatley I lose a race vs JJ and this leaves me short of safety. With just over 3000 left and 29th out of 30 it is all folded to me on the button. Blinds are 600/1200 and the blinds only have 6000 and 7000. Hoping they feel they can fold to the money I move in with A4. The big blind calls with A7 and I am gone. If I take the blinds here I think I would have made it. With only 7000 chips and 3 players to go until I have a seat I don't think I could risk calling with A7. Unfortunately I am not playing with myself !

As this was finishing I was starting the Boards tournie and I was not in the right frame of mind to play and busted when I flop top pair with 96s from the blind and move in against an overpair !

I played a $22 rebuy for the Monte Carlo Quailifier and KK vs 910 - lose to a straight. Rebuy. Top up.AK vs A9. 9 on flop. Bad mood worsens. No more poker.

Today I bust out of $25 STT with AA vs 96 ! Went on to come second in $50 STT so have a little back !

Tonight I am going to try and qualify for the World Cup on Pokerstars. Tommorrow is the midweek boards tournie and I am going to try and FPP qualify for Monte Carlo. Saturday there is a $54 rebuy qualifier for the Irish open on the Tribeca sites such as VC and Paddy Power so will give that a shot too. If I fail to quailify online, I have maybe 3 home games to get most of the entry fee, a first and a second in each will get me 75% of the entry fee.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Friday night is bad beat night

9 players in the Friday game last night and every single one of them must have suffered a bad beat. Mostly at the expense of myself or Banksie. Actually most of the bad beats were taken byDeco, two of them inflicted by me ! Last time at the home game, I hit the river to bust him as well. Both of the times I outdrew him were not that bad plays by me or him, just the way the cards fell.
The first was when on a Q55 flop het bets in position and I come back over the top with QJ to find he was not robbing and had AQ. Fortunately for me the case Queen arrived on the turn for a split pot !
The second was when down to 4 or 5 players and Deco short enough stacked and steaming a little found himself with AQ and moved in. Disbeliever that I am, I call with A10 of diamonds, first 3 cards on the flop are diamonds and it's good night Deco. Just to rub it in a fourth diamond hit the turn. Also he can't blame the dealer as it was his good self !
Might as well finish off his beats here. In the second game he raises with 99 and is called by his brother Sean. The flop is 10 10 x. Deco moves in after the flop and after a long dwell Sean Paul calls and flips up AK deciding Deco is at it. King on the river and this time Deco does actually go to bed !
I managed to come second in the first game, a long heads up battle between Sean Paul and I finally ended when I put my last 3000 in with 79 vs Q10. I had started heads up with a 3:1 chip dis advantage and took the lead, lost it, regained it before a loose call with a medium A preflop gave him back most of the chips.
The second game I was building chips nicely, flopping a set of threes on the first hand and getting paid. A few medium pots here and there and with Deco and Joe gone already I was in a nice position.
Then Banksie's good fortune came into play. He had just knocked out Joe and taken a lot of Sean Paul's chips when he raised, Joe re-raised and Sean Paul re-raised all in. Sean Paul had KK, Joe a mid pair and Banksie ? Ace rag suited ! Of course an ace came on the river.
A few hands later he raised my 100 blind to 500 and I have pocket sixes and call. Flop is 10 4 2. I check and he bets 1000. I am sure he has nothing, KQ maybe, Ace + high card maybe. If he hit with A10 he would have moved in. So I figure he can't call a raise and raise it up to 3000. He has 2700 left and puts it in. for 700 I have to call and figure I must have got it wrong and need to get lucky. Wrong, he turns over A5 offsuit for a gutshot and 3 aces to win. Not the player to make a move on as he hits an Ace on the river to become chip leader. A couple of hands later I put my last 1500 in with 10 8 suited and he called with KQ to send me home. I have not found out if he managed to win yet as I was too sick to hang about !
Ah well 70% of the time I take a big chip lead there. It is risky playing against these loose calling stations but it is worth having at least one or two in every game in the long run !

Friday, February 25, 2005

I am not so superstitious so why....

did I put all my chips in last night with J9 offsuit ?

I was playing in the Fitz €270 Freezeout and was not really getting going. Blinds had just gone up to 300/600 and they were coming around to me. I had 3200 left out of 5000 starting chips. I had won the 2 pots I entered with a raise and one pot that I limped with KJ late and hit a K. The highest I had got to was 5600. The two pots I raise were both with AK, one everybody folded and one I missed the flop but won with a bet anyway.

I had the odd low pocket pair, two of which people had already gone all in before the action got to me and the other one the board was all overs and two people already had chips in after the flop. I also limped in to a few pots with suited connectors but missed everytime and was in no position to steal. I also folded an AK to a big early raise. At the time I had a funny feeling I was up against a big hand, two players had just been busted limping with AA and KK respectively. I thought this guy did not want to make the same mistake. The raise was 2000, blinds were only 100/200 and I had 4500 left so I knew even if he had a small to mid pocket pair I was getting called, I didn't see the point at the time of putting my chips in so early on and being a coin flip at best. Thinking back with 20 minute levels I should have took a chance as if you don't get chips early then you will struggle.

My reasoning was for moving in with J9 was twofold. Firstly in 3 hands I would be down to 2600 and any move was likely to be called anyway. I have been playing tight so I thought I may get the 900 blinds. If I get called and win I am back up to 7300 and have a more playable stack. Also I was talking to Tom Murphy just as I recieved the hand and had said to him I was going to go with the hand if I am dealt it after it saved me in France. Well very next hand I got it, and although I had solid tactical reasons for moving in, the fact I got the hand as I was talking about seemed like an omen. When I was called by AJ and a 9 hit the flop I thought I was in, however an Ace fell on the river and its 'Goodnight from me'. - No complaints, I was slightly off form and paid for it.

Deco and his dad Sean were still left as it moved down to 4 tables. Hopefully they made the money.

It was the first time I had met Tom Murphy in the flesh and he is one of the most avid supporters of the Dublin poker scene I have met. How he juggles running the Boards forum, running his own website - Antes up , works as a dealer, plays poker and writes for Paddy Power's new poker site I will never know !

Lastly a word of warning about online passwords. Chatting to Scott Grey for a while and his Party Poker account password was cracked and he was robbed of $4300. Another Dublin player had his Pokerstars account wiped out too. Scott's password was not an obvious one but the other player had used his nickname ! Be Careful ! As it happened Scott will not get his money back but Pokerstars did refund the other guy.

Stay Lucky !

And remember not to go with favourite hands unless it is a full moon and your chip count is the same as your birthdate multiplied by the number of fish in your aquarium, three black cats have ran over your keyboard and you find a 4 leafed clover underneath your mouse.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ouch !

My head hurts !

Last night I ventured down to a local pub called Foley's for a NL Holdem shootout. Apologies for any slllurred words as I had far too many pints of the black stuff. If I remember correctly it went something like this:

64 man shootout - €50 entry. Half the proceeds go to a local cancer charity. It is organised by Benny and it is sold out in advance. I have only ever been in this pub for lunch on a Sunday so I wasn't expecting to know anyone. I wander in just before 9 and order my first of many drinks. There is already a buzz about the place. It is the first event of this size held here, you can get a friendly sit and go most nights ( no rake - Mr Plod ). I had a Pokerstars jacket in a bag for the raffle and nothing else on my person to identify myself as a player. I start to drink my guinness and start hearing people talking about some hotshot from the World poker tour who is coming to play ! I step about outside for a smoke and a group of other smokers are talking about me !
"That would be me then.." I offered and from then on I spend the rest of the night ith a target on my head. Everyone was very friendly and I tried to tell them I did not have much of an edge in this type of competition.

I met Benny and he took me up to look at the set up. I was impressed by the way he had organised the tournament. Downstairs was a list of each table's players and upstairs where the contest everything was ready to go. 5000 chips each, a card shuffler on each table to mix up the new decks, namecards in each seat, local rules in each seat and 4 fold out octagagonal table tops to play on. There was a bar upstairs and Benny and a barmaid provided table service. No room for spectators so when you bust you leave the room. A quick run through of the rules from Benny over the PA and we are off.

Blinds start at 50/100 and double every 15 mins. Thats right they double all the way - 100,200 then 200/400 - 400/800 - 800/1600 - 1600/3200. Thats as far as it got, I ended up heads up with Red who had played well and who also had AA twice which helps in a structure like this ! I had a slight lead but moved in with 68o and was called by 98 which stood up ! I can't remember the last hand but I lost it anyway.

Sandwiches and more guinness and a couple of €10 games later I find myself staggering home in the early hours. I won one and second in the other made me evens for the night cashwise and I made a few new friends. In the game I came second I had my Aces cracked by K6 when in a big heads up lead and then A10 beaten by A6 suited finished me off !

All in all it was a god fun night, next time though I suggest they slow the structure a little and start earlier for a proper result. I will be back sometime for more guinness and sit and go's - I find they mix well !

Monday, February 21, 2005

Close but No cigar !

Apologies for the lack of posts - The internet cafe in Deauville closes at the weekend. I have put a full event report with photo's up at Clan Poker.

By now most people will know I never quite made it to the final table. However I had a great time and although I also played the €550 rebuy with no success I still had a good profit on the trip and also met some great people.

Firstly I met up with Tikay from Blonde poker. He is a great guy and made the money in the super, the main event and also the €550 rebuy - what a grinder !

Ben Grundy AKA The Milkybarkid was also there and we had a few beers and a nice Italian. unfortunately he had a bad run apart from winning a fun Stud Hi/Lo split game we played with all the William hill mob - Smokin Steve, Julian Thew an Xuyen ' Bad Girl ' Pham. Also playing were Eugene and Mel from Pokerology.

Julian is another top bloke and a great player, he sold me 5% for the €1000 freezeout as did Ben but alas neither made it far. Spookily though they drew seats next to each other. I chided Julian for not dumping his chips to Ben when he exited early !

I met some great unknown players also - Mike Aiken from NY, Boaz from Isreal who has qualified for three EPT events via FPP's, Justin who made the European open Final and many others. Congrats also to Jim Moult who won the €1000 and finalled in the €500.

I hope to see most of the faces again at other events in the near future. I am off to play a charity shootout tonight so will have a report tomorrow.

Stay Lucky


Friday, February 18, 2005

Patience, Timing and a bit of luck

Just a quick post as I don't have too much time.

I started on 55000 but was down to 13000 after four levels. This was mainly due to no cards and also having 3 All in or nothing Scandinavians to my left. I kept from busting by reraising Willie Tann a few times. I then moved in from the small blind with AJ and was in a race against the BB's pocket 8's. Two Aces and a Jack saw me double up. I also doubled up with AQ vs A10.

Just before the bubble I doubled up again thanks to 'Mr loose' Sam Orams. I had been waiting for a spot to catch him out and on a flop of 457 and I have 67 he called my All in with A2 ? Thankyou very much.

Once we were in the money players dropped quite quickly. I double up again vs John Gale in an battle of the blinds. All in after a K high flop, I have K9 he has K6 and the 9 played. Early I had got away with a monstrous error against John. In another blind battle pot the flop comes down with two spades. I am down to 40000 and there was 12000 or so in the pot. After he checks I move in with 52 of spades - Or was it ? Oops, after he folded I re-checked ny hand and the 2 was a diamond ! Almost 'The Hammer'.

The last interesting pot was vs Keith 'The Camel' Hawkins. He limped UTG and I made up the blinds with Q9. AA or KK is my immediate read on him. Flop QQ7 Two clubs. I check, he bets 16000, I raise to 32000, he calls. Turn J of clubs. I check qnd true to form the aggressive Camel bets 40000. I know I am ahead here, one of the few times I am really confident about my read but I am worried about the A or K of clubs so I move in for my last 110,000. It didn't take him long to fold. I want a bit of respect from him so I show him the Q. He said he had KK with the K of clubs.

So end of day there are 18 left. 3600 gtd now and I am third in chips with 246,000. Bob Coombes has 350,000 and Patrick something has 254,000. we are all on the same table with The Camel not too far away with 180000.

Today we start at 2pm local time and will play down to the TV table of 8. Blinds are 5000/10000 with a 1000 ante. Should be interesting !

Stay Lucky

Ps.3 Apologies for any spelling mistakes - French keyboards are weird !

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lows & Highs

Just a quick update on my progress in the EPT. With 1 1/2 hours left of the first day I was sitting on 3000 chips. I pushed in with J9 after 3 limpers, blinds were 200/400. The BB called with QQ and I hit a miracle straight on the river to double up. I doubled up again against Willie Tann with 88 vs AK, 8 on the flop. Then I more than doubled up when I was the 4th caller of a raise holding 76 hearts. Flop 773 two clubs. I bet out and was reraised - flush draw! I call he misses - 33,000. Next call a raise with 77 hit a seven on the flop but 2 diamonds. Bet half the pot by mistake, he calls. Third diamond ! I move in as if he calls I am getting 3:1 and will bust him. Board pairs - Bingo ! All day I had played good hans and missed the flop - I definately would be rather lucky than good ! I finish the day with 55,000, above average. About 112 left out of 245.

Thanks to Brad 'Otis' Willis, the Pokerstars blogger, for letting me use his laptop to write this.

Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow !


Monday, February 14, 2005

Thanks ... all those who have wished me luck for France. It is much appreciated. As far as Stan James are concerned I do not stand a chance ! I was looking through the odds and they have people listed at upto 200:1 but my name doesn't seem to be there - It must be a mistake. Maybe they will sponsor me when I win it and save them paying out anything on the event !

I am all set to go after a profitable week on the poker front. About $1300 up for the week which gives me a bit of money to enter some of the smaller events. The only disappointment poker wise this week was not making the money in the boards tournament although I did manage a creditable 5th to follow my 7th last week. The critical hand for me has been discussed in the comments section of my last post so I won't go into detail apart from congratulating Oscar for taking all my chips to go on and win the thing. I did however successfully wield THE HAMMER twice and also after seeing Oscar misplay 92o, I showed him how it should be done a few hands later - raise preflop and check raise on the turn !

For any Irish players who need poker chips I have some sets coming into stock which will be reasonably priced. €50 for a set of 300 11.5g with case, cards & dice. €25 for a set of 200 lesser quality chips in a tin with green felt and chip rack. Anybody interested email me and I will get you more details when I am back from France.

Internet connection allowing there should be plenty of updates here letting you know how I am doing.

Stay Lucky,


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two out of three ain't bad II

Last night saw my first Friday game of 2005. Ten of the regular players and a new blind structure mirroring the one used in the Bahamas for the STT. The ten where Sean Paul, Deco, Sean Snr, Peter, Joe, Kev, Steve-o, myself, Gerry & his brother Brendan.

In the first game I went into an early chip lead with a few medium hands that got paid at the river. I was cruising until with 5 left the cards went from playable mediocre to absolute muck. By this time the blinds were up to 300/600 with a 75 ante and the shorter stacks were going All in often. Joe was up and down like a yoyo. At one point he was down to about 500 but kept htting cards and with 4 left I found AJ on the button and moved in for about 4k into a 1k pot. There was Joe with KK and I bubbled nicely ! Sean Snr finished 3rd and the Sean Paul beat Joe in a short heads up battle.

The next game only reached 100/200 with 25 ante as Gerry was hitting cards and knocking everyone out. As with the first game I had the initial lead but was quickly overtaken as he busted almost everyone. I kept my position as second in chips when I made a good call against Sean Paul when he moved in on the river. The hand went like this:

Blinds were 50/100:

I raise from mid position to 300 with pocket sevens.
Sean Paul raises to 600 on the button.
Gerry calls from the blind.
Flop Q103 rainbow.
Checked all around.
Turn Q.
Checked to Sean Paul who bets 600 into 1900 pot.
Gerry folds, I call.
Turn 9.
I check, Sean Paul moves in for 1100.

I have 3600, starting chips were 2500. I put Sean Paul on AK at the start of the hand. I think if he had a big pair he would have raised more to tempt me to come back over the top. It is confirmed when he checks the flop. I view the bet on the turn as a weak attempt to represent the Queen. When he moves in, he thinks I can only call with a Q which he obviously thinks I don't have. It can only be a bluff as if he wanted a call he would have bet smaller. So I call and am spot on for a change.

Final three - Deco shortstacked with about 1200, Gerry with about 18000 and myself with about 6000. I double up when Gerry loosely calls my All in with K3. I have 99 and turn a set.
Then my prophecy on the Irish poker forum came true when I rivered Deco with JQs vs his pocket 2's. We split the money as there was not much in it and we wanted to get a third game in.

The final game was 9 handed as Peter had gone home. It looked like a repeat of the second as Gerry took an early lead knocking out his brother with AA vs AQ, however he lost his chips quickly this time. Joe had got some chips but made the fatal mistake of goading Sean snr and he took them off him in two well played hands and was in a commanding lead. I was steady in second but won a few pots against Sean snr who can be very hard to play when he has chips. The key hand came when down to Sean, Kev, Deco and myself. I had a good lead and next was Sean closely followed by Kev and then Deco. I am in the Big blind with 105 of spades. Blinds were 200/400 and Sean minimum raised under the gun. For him this means usually means a big pair and wants someone to come over the top. If he calls or raises big he could have literally anything but I have never seen him minimum raise with less than JJ. Folded to me and I decide to have a look at the flop getting 3 1/2 : 1 and even better implied odds. The Flop comes 10 5 8 rainbow. Nice. I bet 1000, I figure if he flat calls I am right about my read. He flat calls. Turn is a a 7. If he had called or raised bigger before the flop I would have been worried here as 46 or 96 could easily have been in his hand. I am also confident that he doesn't believe I have anything more than a 10 with a good kicker. I put him in for his last 2500 and he calls quickly. When I announce two pair he is rightly disgusted and flips over KK ! River is a 4 and he is the bubble. It took a while to convince that my preflop call wasn't that bad considering my chip position and odds both pot and implied. It also helped when I reminded him that he is probably the only other person at the table who would have also called in the same situation !

I made a mistake next hand as Deco moved in for 1200 and Kev then moved in for 3300. I had K3 of diamonds and made the mistake of thinking I could knock them both out with this powerhouse of a hand. I know if Tom Murphy is reading this he will agree that this is a mighty fine hand although not quite as powerful as the all conquering Q3 suited, his own destuctive weapon of a hand ! As it was both cards were live but Deco hit a J and took the main pot. Kev's AQ was good enough for the side. The next few pots were taken by Kev and Deco and by the time Deco finished of Kev we were even and it was 5am. We took €350 each and played a fun hand for the odd €50. I dealt us each 3 hands and we could choose which to play. It was then treated as an All in, who ever won would keep the €50. Just to ram home the prophecy, I made a straight on the river to beat his paired Ace and ended up driving home €500 up for the night but very down on sleep !

Tomorrow is the Irish forum tournie on Pokerstars and that will be it for poker until France on Tuesday.

I see some satellites are starting online for the WSOP so that will probably be my next goal. Unless of course the god of Po' kar shines on me and I win the EPT.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's a small world but the river never changes..

Playing on Pokerstars this afternoon in the $30 freezeout and someone from another table asks me how I'm finding Drogheda.. I check his name in lobby and see he is from Drogheda too. I ask if he is from the Irish one and he says yes I live in ******, which happened to be the same complex as me. Freaky ! Anyway's I told him I owned the Gamepad and he holds a weekly game so I may need to give it a try if he pops in.

As for the tournament itself, nlo luck there. Within the first level I flop the nut flush (I have four to a royal). I am put all in. No brainer call. River pairs the board to fill his boat and another early exit without bad play.

EDIT - Later on I played another Pokerstars $30 MTT and ended up on the same table as someone else from Drogheda ( well Termonfeckin, but near enough ). This time he had actualy heard about me as he is good friends with my brothers Father-in-law to be ! The World is shrinking !

Hopefully all the hands that hold up are waiting for me in France where there is more at stake. There is a likelyhood that due to the rising popularity of the EPT events that the field will be split into two to accomadate all the players. I hope I am in the first day so if I bust out I can get home early.

The Friday game looks like it might be on. I have only made it once since the new year, I need to get myself on the leaderboard.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Quick on the draw

Just back in from playing in a 5 Card draw poker classic in aid of one of the local Gaelic football clubs. These are not something I usually play in and due to the payout of about 33% of the take, they are not something I am going to play in more either. However I was on a freeroll as one of Catherine's friends had won the €100 ticket in a raffle and asked me to play it for him.

Almost 200 people turned up to play and they were paying out €3000 for 1st, €1000 for 2nd, €800 for third and €600 for 4th. 5th-8th got €400 and 9th-14th got €150. This is a total payout of €7900 and entry fees added up to well over €24,000 including rebuys and top ups. However it is for a good cause so no complaints, just not great value for serious players - of which there seemed to be many who play up to 4 of these a week. Would love to see their return on investment figures !

The structure was rather strange as you started with €1000 and a started dealing for 50. The levels went up fairly swiftly and soon we were dealing for 500. Initialy a rebuy got you €1000 but when it got to €500 deals you got €2000. When we reached dealing for €1000 you could add on for €10,000. All rebuys and the top up cost only €10 ! I busted twice just before the top up and rebought as with the top up it levelled everyone out again.

From there I manged to make the final 8 without winning many big pots, but getting enough small ones to survive. I had the second least chips when the final table started and when it was down to 5 I had the smallest stack of monopoly money. On the hand before I had to put my last 60,000 in to deal I opened with 8855x and got 3 callers. I drew nothing extra and a drunk guy opened the betting and the two others folded and my two pair was good. Next hand I got 6644x. It was opened and with the drunk guy calling as well I put the 80,000 in and drew a K which still left me with two pair. The drubk guy opened the betting again after the draw. If I called it would leave me with 70,000 and he had 60,000 left in front of him. He had been unsuccessfully bluffing all night so I put him All in and he called with a pair of Jacks ! That was it as when it gets to 4 players in these events a money count is done and the placings decided. It turned out that i had moved from last to 2nd in two hands and left with a nice €1000 to split with my backer ! Not bad for my first sponsored entry !

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Live practice and boy do I need it !

Last night I ventured down to the Fitwilliam for a bit of live practice as I have not played since The Bahamas.

Firstly I would like to compliment the club on the new room upstairs for tournaments, it is much better than playing in the cramped space downstairs. Hopefully this extra capacity will lead to some bigger better structured tournamaments in the near future. From a players point of view I think it is a better venue than The Merrion if not quite as plush !

Also the new initiatives for the tournaments are well thought out and make for a bit of fun. The extra starting chips for those who arrive within the first level is a good idea. My favourite is the scalp bonus. For anyone who has not been since this was introduced this is how it works. Everyone is given a Brown Scalp chip. When you are All in this chip is put into the pot and if you lose your opponent gets to keep it and can cash it out for $10. In the rebuy stages you can make a few euro simply by winning a few multi way pots ! Unfortunately I never won any last night !

As for my game it was not so good. I was patient during the rebuy period, waiting for a decent hand to scoop a big pot, the best hand I saw though was Q9o and I folded after a small raise and 4 callers as it looked like the player to my left was going to move in for his last 1000 chips. As it was he didn't and just called. The board obviuosly came Q9x and the subsequent action would have given me a nice pot and a couple of scalp chips !

I took the add on and felt comfortable with 5000 chips, the average must have been about 6000 or so as you could only have one rebuy or the top up. 2400 to start including bonus chips and 3000 for rebuy / addon. Second hand after the restart I get QQ UTG and raise from 200 to 400. 2 callers and the flop comes Q high with 2 diamonds. In order to make sure anyone chasing the flush paid for it I bet just under the pot and everyone folded ! Any other hand on this table and it would have prompted at least 3 All ins.

Shortly afterwards the table broke, which was a shame because it was loose and I felt I could gain some chips here. I moved to another table and after 5 hands or so of rubbish I found myself in the cut off with no callers before me. I only had K4o but thought a raise might win me the blinds and if not I had position to play the flop anyway. Button and BB call and flop comes QQ4. I had seen the button player unsuccessfully chase down a flush to the river on one of the previous hands and when she called my 800 bet and the BB folded I stupidly put her on the same thing again as there were two spades on the board. Anyhow the next card was the third Queen and without a thought ( which is something I have moved out ouf my online game ) I moved all my chips in with my little house. I had my opponent cover by about a 1000 chips and fully expected her to fold for some reason. But I hear the dreaded word 'call' and know I am beat. I know she has no Queen but he had slowplayed the rockets to perfection! A few hands later I put my last chips in with KQ the second best hand I have seen all night ( I was not even dealt a rag Ace in 4 rounds !) and was called by two players, one of whom paired an Ace on the board to send me back home. Nice, and hour and a half driving for an hour and twenty minutes practice !

When I got home I played a reckless 900 runner $10 MTT on Pokerstars and was out about 850th, but it's a great way to blow off steam.

Then, a bit tired by now, I go to set up a private tournament on Pokerstars for the members of the Irish Poker forum. I meant to set it up for Tuesday as that is the quietest weeknight in Dublin for poker. I thought I had, however for any forum members who read this, it is Monday at 8pm. I wish I work out what the date will be in few days time !

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blogger Tournie + New Site Bonus deal

I played in the blogger Tournie last night on Pokerstars. It was fun to play in, everyone was good humoured and I belive Dr Pauly cracked Aces and Kings with the hammer. His blog will surely have details of this feat if you care to check. In fact I have just checked and he posted the hand history and he did them both in the same hand, it certainly pays to hit the hammer hard !

My own tournament did not go so well, I chased a straight flush draw with 78h with the 69h on the flop and ended up making a flush to be outkicked by Doublas friend Curzdog. This left me with 163 chips and I managed to get back up to 1500 with some successive All in coups with low pairs until I ran into 1010 when I pushed with AK and I was out in 90 something place from 150+ runners. Hectorjelly , my fellow Irish blogger managed to place better than me by not turning up !

Looking back through this years stats I have been knocked out of 7 MTT out of 14 with AK ! Soon it will be relegated to auto fold...

Check 'n' raise poker have what seems to be a good bonus deal on at the moment. You can deposit up to $500 and get a 100% bonus. As with most bonus offers you must work it off, however there are no time limits and you get 12.5 points for every $1 you contribute in rake. 600 are needed for every $25 of bonus. This works out to be slighty over 50% rakeback which is not to shabby. For full details and to sign up are here. Mac users should be able to use this site too as it is Java based.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

lady luck answers !

After bowing to lady luck in my last post she finally came good for me. Not in the outdrawing people way, but in my hands holding up for a change.

I entered the $50 freezeout on Pokerstars, 272 runners and a first prize of $3700.

It started slowly and by the first break I was still at starting chips. A succession of ill timed moves saw me down to 600 chips when the average was over 3000. Two small pocket pairs held up and I was back up to average.

I managed to steal a few blinds here and there but was below half the average when I found AK in the big blind and groaned when I moved in aagainst AQ. This has been my nemesis match up lately, but for a change it held up and I went straight into blind stealing mode as almost a grand was in the pot preflop. I moved within touching distance of average through this and stayed level for a while before another double up was needed.

I snuck into the money in 27th place of 27 paid spots and lo and behold two more pocket pairs held up and I was into the top 10 stacks and able to play some poker. I moved up a gear and was raising and using position when called to win pots, then I got into a war with another large stack and was back down to 11th of 11. I really need to learn how to throw away AJ when in the blinds and facing a large raise from a big stack !

However I picked up 77 and moved in to be called by 6's and again no horrific outdraws. I then busted a shortstack, the only time I outdrew someone all night - k5 beating k9 ( I was in the BB and the pot was giving me 2.5:1)

I made it to the final table after raising half my chips and being called then moving in when he checked to me - I had diddly squat but i figured I needed some chips. At the final table i used the same move when I raised with 77 and the flop came AA6. I think I had the best here.

I went card dead for a while but managed to get into 4th place stealing here and there. Finally after an hour of the final table I was forced in with a J5 vs Q10 and no help left me with my best non satellite of the year and a nice $1088 to put me back into profit excluding the seat at Deauville.

I was sat next to one of my favourite bloggers The Camel for a short while but never had chance to introduce myself as he proceeded to have AK beaten two hands in quick succession, both against pocket 9's.

I repeat my mantra 'ITS ALL LUCK' and hope for more of the same tommorrow !

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Should never have critisised luck !

In my last post I attempted very feebly to argue the case for skill in poker. I take it all back, it is all luck !

Hopefully now I have admitted that, I will be looked down upon favourably by lady luck. The last two MTT I have got through more than half the field and when it really matters have gone in as a massive favourite against only one player and both times been outdrawn to the kicker! AK vs AQ and K10 vs K3. Not so much of a favourite but the other tournament I have played since posting my AK was cracked by someone calling with Q9o !

The AK vs AQ was most annoying as two hands previoulsy I had lost most of my chips with KK vs A5 !

I repeat again in case she wasn't listening..... ITS ALL LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!