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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blogger Tournie + New Site Bonus deal

I played in the blogger Tournie last night on Pokerstars. It was fun to play in, everyone was good humoured and I belive Dr Pauly cracked Aces and Kings with the hammer. His blog will surely have details of this feat if you care to check. In fact I have just checked and he posted the hand history and he did them both in the same hand, it certainly pays to hit the hammer hard !

My own tournament did not go so well, I chased a straight flush draw with 78h with the 69h on the flop and ended up making a flush to be outkicked by Doublas friend Curzdog. This left me with 163 chips and I managed to get back up to 1500 with some successive All in coups with low pairs until I ran into 1010 when I pushed with AK and I was out in 90 something place from 150+ runners. Hectorjelly , my fellow Irish blogger managed to place better than me by not turning up !

Looking back through this years stats I have been knocked out of 7 MTT out of 14 with AK ! Soon it will be relegated to auto fold...

Check 'n' raise poker have what seems to be a good bonus deal on at the moment. You can deposit up to $500 and get a 100% bonus. As with most bonus offers you must work it off, however there are no time limits and you get 12.5 points for every $1 you contribute in rake. 600 are needed for every $25 of bonus. This works out to be slighty over 50% rakeback which is not to shabby. For full details and to sign up are here. Mac users should be able to use this site too as it is Java based.