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Monday, February 21, 2005

Close but No cigar !

Apologies for the lack of posts - The internet cafe in Deauville closes at the weekend. I have put a full event report with photo's up at Clan Poker.

By now most people will know I never quite made it to the final table. However I had a great time and although I also played the €550 rebuy with no success I still had a good profit on the trip and also met some great people.

Firstly I met up with Tikay from Blonde poker. He is a great guy and made the money in the super, the main event and also the €550 rebuy - what a grinder !

Ben Grundy AKA The Milkybarkid was also there and we had a few beers and a nice Italian. unfortunately he had a bad run apart from winning a fun Stud Hi/Lo split game we played with all the William hill mob - Smokin Steve, Julian Thew an Xuyen ' Bad Girl ' Pham. Also playing were Eugene and Mel from Pokerology.

Julian is another top bloke and a great player, he sold me 5% for the €1000 freezeout as did Ben but alas neither made it far. Spookily though they drew seats next to each other. I chided Julian for not dumping his chips to Ben when he exited early !

I met some great unknown players also - Mike Aiken from NY, Boaz from Isreal who has qualified for three EPT events via FPP's, Justin who made the European open Final and many others. Congrats also to Jim Moult who won the €1000 and finalled in the €500.

I hope to see most of the faces again at other events in the near future. I am off to play a charity shootout tonight so will have a report tomorrow.

Stay Lucky