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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Friday night is bad beat night

9 players in the Friday game last night and every single one of them must have suffered a bad beat. Mostly at the expense of myself or Banksie. Actually most of the bad beats were taken byDeco, two of them inflicted by me ! Last time at the home game, I hit the river to bust him as well. Both of the times I outdrew him were not that bad plays by me or him, just the way the cards fell.
The first was when on a Q55 flop het bets in position and I come back over the top with QJ to find he was not robbing and had AQ. Fortunately for me the case Queen arrived on the turn for a split pot !
The second was when down to 4 or 5 players and Deco short enough stacked and steaming a little found himself with AQ and moved in. Disbeliever that I am, I call with A10 of diamonds, first 3 cards on the flop are diamonds and it's good night Deco. Just to rub it in a fourth diamond hit the turn. Also he can't blame the dealer as it was his good self !
Might as well finish off his beats here. In the second game he raises with 99 and is called by his brother Sean. The flop is 10 10 x. Deco moves in after the flop and after a long dwell Sean Paul calls and flips up AK deciding Deco is at it. King on the river and this time Deco does actually go to bed !
I managed to come second in the first game, a long heads up battle between Sean Paul and I finally ended when I put my last 3000 in with 79 vs Q10. I had started heads up with a 3:1 chip dis advantage and took the lead, lost it, regained it before a loose call with a medium A preflop gave him back most of the chips.
The second game I was building chips nicely, flopping a set of threes on the first hand and getting paid. A few medium pots here and there and with Deco and Joe gone already I was in a nice position.
Then Banksie's good fortune came into play. He had just knocked out Joe and taken a lot of Sean Paul's chips when he raised, Joe re-raised and Sean Paul re-raised all in. Sean Paul had KK, Joe a mid pair and Banksie ? Ace rag suited ! Of course an ace came on the river.
A few hands later he raised my 100 blind to 500 and I have pocket sixes and call. Flop is 10 4 2. I check and he bets 1000. I am sure he has nothing, KQ maybe, Ace + high card maybe. If he hit with A10 he would have moved in. So I figure he can't call a raise and raise it up to 3000. He has 2700 left and puts it in. for 700 I have to call and figure I must have got it wrong and need to get lucky. Wrong, he turns over A5 offsuit for a gutshot and 3 aces to win. Not the player to make a move on as he hits an Ace on the river to become chip leader. A couple of hands later I put my last 1500 in with 10 8 suited and he called with KQ to send me home. I have not found out if he managed to win yet as I was too sick to hang about !
Ah well 70% of the time I take a big chip lead there. It is risky playing against these loose calling stations but it is worth having at least one or two in every game in the long run !