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Friday, February 25, 2005

I am not so superstitious so why....

did I put all my chips in last night with J9 offsuit ?

I was playing in the Fitz €270 Freezeout and was not really getting going. Blinds had just gone up to 300/600 and they were coming around to me. I had 3200 left out of 5000 starting chips. I had won the 2 pots I entered with a raise and one pot that I limped with KJ late and hit a K. The highest I had got to was 5600. The two pots I raise were both with AK, one everybody folded and one I missed the flop but won with a bet anyway.

I had the odd low pocket pair, two of which people had already gone all in before the action got to me and the other one the board was all overs and two people already had chips in after the flop. I also limped in to a few pots with suited connectors but missed everytime and was in no position to steal. I also folded an AK to a big early raise. At the time I had a funny feeling I was up against a big hand, two players had just been busted limping with AA and KK respectively. I thought this guy did not want to make the same mistake. The raise was 2000, blinds were only 100/200 and I had 4500 left so I knew even if he had a small to mid pocket pair I was getting called, I didn't see the point at the time of putting my chips in so early on and being a coin flip at best. Thinking back with 20 minute levels I should have took a chance as if you don't get chips early then you will struggle.

My reasoning was for moving in with J9 was twofold. Firstly in 3 hands I would be down to 2600 and any move was likely to be called anyway. I have been playing tight so I thought I may get the 900 blinds. If I get called and win I am back up to 7300 and have a more playable stack. Also I was talking to Tom Murphy just as I recieved the hand and had said to him I was going to go with the hand if I am dealt it after it saved me in France. Well very next hand I got it, and although I had solid tactical reasons for moving in, the fact I got the hand as I was talking about seemed like an omen. When I was called by AJ and a 9 hit the flop I thought I was in, however an Ace fell on the river and its 'Goodnight from me'. - No complaints, I was slightly off form and paid for it.

Deco and his dad Sean were still left as it moved down to 4 tables. Hopefully they made the money.

It was the first time I had met Tom Murphy in the flesh and he is one of the most avid supporters of the Dublin poker scene I have met. How he juggles running the Boards forum, running his own website - Antes up , works as a dealer, plays poker and writes for Paddy Power's new poker site I will never know !

Lastly a word of warning about online passwords. Chatting to Scott Grey for a while and his Party Poker account password was cracked and he was robbed of $4300. Another Dublin player had his Pokerstars account wiped out too. Scott's password was not an obvious one but the other player had used his nickname ! Be Careful ! As it happened Scott will not get his money back but Pokerstars did refund the other guy.

Stay Lucky !

And remember not to go with favourite hands unless it is a full moon and your chip count is the same as your birthdate multiplied by the number of fish in your aquarium, three black cats have ran over your keyboard and you find a 4 leafed clover underneath your mouse.