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Monday, February 28, 2005

I hate it when this happens..

Played in a $50 quailifier for the $500 Pokerstars tournament, over 240 players, 27 get a seat and I finish 30th ! Damn !
I played well enough, never had cards and had to build my chips without showing down hands. The key hand was with about 50 left I called a 3000 all in with AK. I had just over 10,000, if I win this I can probably fold to the seat. Unfortunatley I lose a race vs JJ and this leaves me short of safety. With just over 3000 left and 29th out of 30 it is all folded to me on the button. Blinds are 600/1200 and the blinds only have 6000 and 7000. Hoping they feel they can fold to the money I move in with A4. The big blind calls with A7 and I am gone. If I take the blinds here I think I would have made it. With only 7000 chips and 3 players to go until I have a seat I don't think I could risk calling with A7. Unfortunately I am not playing with myself !

As this was finishing I was starting the Boards tournie and I was not in the right frame of mind to play and busted when I flop top pair with 96s from the blind and move in against an overpair !

I played a $22 rebuy for the Monte Carlo Quailifier and KK vs 910 - lose to a straight. Rebuy. Top up.AK vs A9. 9 on flop. Bad mood worsens. No more poker.

Today I bust out of $25 STT with AA vs 96 ! Went on to come second in $50 STT so have a little back !

Tonight I am going to try and qualify for the World Cup on Pokerstars. Tommorrow is the midweek boards tournie and I am going to try and FPP qualify for Monte Carlo. Saturday there is a $54 rebuy qualifier for the Irish open on the Tribeca sites such as VC and Paddy Power so will give that a shot too. If I fail to quailify online, I have maybe 3 home games to get most of the entry fee, a first and a second in each will get me 75% of the entry fee.