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Location: Drogheda, Ireland

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

It's a small world but the river never changes..

Playing on Pokerstars this afternoon in the $30 freezeout and someone from another table asks me how I'm finding Drogheda.. I check his name in lobby and see he is from Drogheda too. I ask if he is from the Irish one and he says yes I live in ******, which happened to be the same complex as me. Freaky ! Anyway's I told him I owned the Gamepad and he holds a weekly game so I may need to give it a try if he pops in.

As for the tournament itself, nlo luck there. Within the first level I flop the nut flush (I have four to a royal). I am put all in. No brainer call. River pairs the board to fill his boat and another early exit without bad play.

EDIT - Later on I played another Pokerstars $30 MTT and ended up on the same table as someone else from Drogheda ( well Termonfeckin, but near enough ). This time he had actualy heard about me as he is good friends with my brothers Father-in-law to be ! The World is shrinking !

Hopefully all the hands that hold up are waiting for me in France where there is more at stake. There is a likelyhood that due to the rising popularity of the EPT events that the field will be split into two to accomadate all the players. I hope I am in the first day so if I bust out I can get home early.

The Friday game looks like it might be on. I have only made it once since the new year, I need to get myself on the leaderboard.