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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

lady luck answers !

After bowing to lady luck in my last post she finally came good for me. Not in the outdrawing people way, but in my hands holding up for a change.

I entered the $50 freezeout on Pokerstars, 272 runners and a first prize of $3700.

It started slowly and by the first break I was still at starting chips. A succession of ill timed moves saw me down to 600 chips when the average was over 3000. Two small pocket pairs held up and I was back up to average.

I managed to steal a few blinds here and there but was below half the average when I found AK in the big blind and groaned when I moved in aagainst AQ. This has been my nemesis match up lately, but for a change it held up and I went straight into blind stealing mode as almost a grand was in the pot preflop. I moved within touching distance of average through this and stayed level for a while before another double up was needed.

I snuck into the money in 27th place of 27 paid spots and lo and behold two more pocket pairs held up and I was into the top 10 stacks and able to play some poker. I moved up a gear and was raising and using position when called to win pots, then I got into a war with another large stack and was back down to 11th of 11. I really need to learn how to throw away AJ when in the blinds and facing a large raise from a big stack !

However I picked up 77 and moved in to be called by 6's and again no horrific outdraws. I then busted a shortstack, the only time I outdrew someone all night - k5 beating k9 ( I was in the BB and the pot was giving me 2.5:1)

I made it to the final table after raising half my chips and being called then moving in when he checked to me - I had diddly squat but i figured I needed some chips. At the final table i used the same move when I raised with 77 and the flop came AA6. I think I had the best here.

I went card dead for a while but managed to get into 4th place stealing here and there. Finally after an hour of the final table I was forced in with a J5 vs Q10 and no help left me with my best non satellite of the year and a nice $1088 to put me back into profit excluding the seat at Deauville.

I was sat next to one of my favourite bloggers The Camel for a short while but never had chance to introduce myself as he proceeded to have AK beaten two hands in quick succession, both against pocket 9's.

I repeat my mantra 'ITS ALL LUCK' and hope for more of the same tommorrow !