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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Live practice and boy do I need it !

Last night I ventured down to the Fitwilliam for a bit of live practice as I have not played since The Bahamas.

Firstly I would like to compliment the club on the new room upstairs for tournaments, it is much better than playing in the cramped space downstairs. Hopefully this extra capacity will lead to some bigger better structured tournamaments in the near future. From a players point of view I think it is a better venue than The Merrion if not quite as plush !

Also the new initiatives for the tournaments are well thought out and make for a bit of fun. The extra starting chips for those who arrive within the first level is a good idea. My favourite is the scalp bonus. For anyone who has not been since this was introduced this is how it works. Everyone is given a Brown Scalp chip. When you are All in this chip is put into the pot and if you lose your opponent gets to keep it and can cash it out for $10. In the rebuy stages you can make a few euro simply by winning a few multi way pots ! Unfortunately I never won any last night !

As for my game it was not so good. I was patient during the rebuy period, waiting for a decent hand to scoop a big pot, the best hand I saw though was Q9o and I folded after a small raise and 4 callers as it looked like the player to my left was going to move in for his last 1000 chips. As it was he didn't and just called. The board obviuosly came Q9x and the subsequent action would have given me a nice pot and a couple of scalp chips !

I took the add on and felt comfortable with 5000 chips, the average must have been about 6000 or so as you could only have one rebuy or the top up. 2400 to start including bonus chips and 3000 for rebuy / addon. Second hand after the restart I get QQ UTG and raise from 200 to 400. 2 callers and the flop comes Q high with 2 diamonds. In order to make sure anyone chasing the flush paid for it I bet just under the pot and everyone folded ! Any other hand on this table and it would have prompted at least 3 All ins.

Shortly afterwards the table broke, which was a shame because it was loose and I felt I could gain some chips here. I moved to another table and after 5 hands or so of rubbish I found myself in the cut off with no callers before me. I only had K4o but thought a raise might win me the blinds and if not I had position to play the flop anyway. Button and BB call and flop comes QQ4. I had seen the button player unsuccessfully chase down a flush to the river on one of the previous hands and when she called my 800 bet and the BB folded I stupidly put her on the same thing again as there were two spades on the board. Anyhow the next card was the third Queen and without a thought ( which is something I have moved out ouf my online game ) I moved all my chips in with my little house. I had my opponent cover by about a 1000 chips and fully expected her to fold for some reason. But I hear the dreaded word 'call' and know I am beat. I know she has no Queen but he had slowplayed the rockets to perfection! A few hands later I put my last chips in with KQ the second best hand I have seen all night ( I was not even dealt a rag Ace in 4 rounds !) and was called by two players, one of whom paired an Ace on the board to send me back home. Nice, and hour and a half driving for an hour and twenty minutes practice !

When I got home I played a reckless 900 runner $10 MTT on Pokerstars and was out about 850th, but it's a great way to blow off steam.

Then, a bit tired by now, I go to set up a private tournament on Pokerstars for the members of the Irish Poker forum. I meant to set it up for Tuesday as that is the quietest weeknight in Dublin for poker. I thought I had, however for any forum members who read this, it is Monday at 8pm. I wish I work out what the date will be in few days time !